ShopSite Knowledgebase maintenance release fixes some problems with v8.1.0 and v8.1.2

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Version: v8.1.0 and v8.1.2
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I have ShopSite v8.1.0 or v8.1.2 and am experiencing some technical problems, are there any patches or new releases available?
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Yes, maintenance release v8.1.3.1 is now available.

This maintenance release includes all fixes in the patches released for v8.1.2 (see and additionally addresses the issues listed below:


* The Discount Schedule amount is no longer applied to the pre-cart used when Google Checkout is enabled since this feature does not apply to Google Checkout orders.

* Fixed an issue with Google Checkout that could cause some stores to see an Internal Server Error when a shopper clicked the Google Checkout button.

* Added another new parameter in the XML sent to Google Checkout to eliminate warnings that could appear in the merchant's Google Checkout account.

* Fixed an issue with Starter stores using Google Checkout that prevented the active tax-by-zip sales tax zones and rates from being sent to Google Checkout if the zones were not among the first ten zones listed in Commerce Setup -> Sales Tax.

* Fixed an issue that would cause the credit card expiration date to reset to the default when the checkout screen was reloaded with an error message caused by the merchant's payment gateway rejecting the transaction.

* Fixed an issue that could cause OrderAnywhere by SKU buttons to not work for products that had been deleted then re-added without a Publish.

* Fixed an issue where the eCheck option would display on the checkout screen (not just the initial cart screen) in the list of credit card types when a shopper checks out via credit card in an eCheck-enabled store. Because eCheck requires different payment information than a credit card, the eCheck payment type (if desired by the shopper) must be selected on the initial shopping cart screen.


* Fixed a sort order issue in the Products and Pages menus by stripping leading whitespace from names before sorting list for display.

* Fixed an issue that caused the [Enter] key on the keyboard to not submit the Search button in the Products menu in a ShopSite Pro backoffice if the merchant was using Internet Explorer.

* Fixed an issue with XML Order Downloads that was caused by unescaped XML-reserved characters entered by the shopper in a text field when purchasing a Gift Certificate.

* Fixed an issue with XML Order Downloads where an order containing a Gift Certificate would only have the first line of the custom message entered by the shopper in the downloaded XML file.

* Improved Publish speed over earlier v8.1 versions.


* Fixed stripping of HTML and JavaScript from certain parameters of shopping cart URLs that could raise a flag in a ScanAlert scan (reported as a 'cross-site scripting' (or XSS) issue).

* Fixed a problem that could cause the product search cgi to fail if the shopper entered mis-matched parenthesis in the search term.

* Fixed HTML output on store pages for Ordering Option Menus, in certain circumstances it could be missing closing td or tr table tags.

* Fixed an issue that caused linefeed characters entered into the Product Description field to display as |n| when that product was displayed on the search results screen.

* Fixed an issue that would cause template errors on a Publish for products using the tab_product_template.

* Added Customer Registration and Tell A Friend links to the tab bar of the More Info Pages for Pro merchants that are using the Tabbed Navigation theme and have these features enabled.

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