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v14.0 sp3 r5 maintenance release addresses various issues with v14.0 sp3 r4 and earlier

Product: ALL
Version: 14.0 sp3
Platform: Linux 64-bit

I have the ShopSite 14.0 sp3 r4 or older version, are there any patches or new releases available?

Yes, maintenance release 14.0 sp3 r5 is now available for stores on the Linux 64-bit server platforms (32-bit Linux is no longer supported).

This maintenance release addresses the issues listed below:


* adds the new Ground Advantage shipping method that USPS replaced First Class Package with.

* fixes Merchant Alert error reporting for Taxjar by adding the specific error message given by TaxJar along with their generic 400 error code.

* fixes an issue that prevented checkout using the PayPal Commerce gateway when there was a free Reward product in the cart.

* adds the Braintree PHP v7/8 code that is required to use this payment gateway for stores on servers with those newer PHP versions.

* fixes an issue with the billing address not being sent to the PayPal Commerce gateway as the shipping address also when no separate shipping address was provided by the shopper.

* fixes an issue with ReCAPTCHA v3 where shoppers who took longer than 5 minutes to complete the Checkout menu would get a captcha error when trying to checkout if this captcha method was in use.


* fixes an issue where a product with a 'show more' link in the Ordering Options column of the List of Products would not show the Name of the ordering options in the 'show more' pop-up if the product is using Advanced Ordering Options.

* adds SFTP as a connection method for Google Shopping feeds. Google will end support for the previously used FTP method after September 15, 2023. Merchants must log in to their Google Merchant Center account and create an SFTP account there and enter the new SFTP credentials in ShopSite 14 sp3 r5 or newer to use this new connection method.

* allows newer Google Analytics 4 account IDs (that start with G- and AW- for example) to be entered in ShopSite's Google Analytics settings.

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