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v14.0 sp3 r4 maintenance release fixes some problems with v14.0 sp3 r2 and earlier

Product: ALL
Version: 14.0 sp3
Platform: Linux

I have the ShopSite 14.0 sp3 r2 or older version and I am experiencing some technical problems, are there any patches or new releases available?

Yes, maintenance release 14.0 sp3 r4 is now available for stores on the Linux 32-bit and 64-bit server platforms.

This maintenance release addresses the issues listed below:


* updates the TaxJar integration to send their latest x-api-version "2022-01-24"

* Worldpay - Automatic CAPTCHA (prove you are a human) displayed if a certain number of checkout attempts are made for the same shopping cart without completing the checkout. This is to prevent bots from trying to find a valid credit card by testing multiple cards.

* updates the Paymentech Orbital gateway to use ShopSite Transaction ID for Orbital's Order ID instead of a random number and fixed string.

* fixes an ApplePay and GooglePay issue that could prevent checkout via these payment methods if a real-time shipping option (UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc) was selected.

* fixes an issue in some stores where if PayPal Commerce Buttons was the only payment type enabled the PayPal Commerce checkout buttons might not display in the cart.

* fixes an issue that affected zip-based tax methods (Tax by Zip, TaxJar, AvaTax) and instances where there is no separate shipping address block in the Checkout screen that could cause tax recalc issues if a shopper changed their zip code on the Checkout page (could get stuck in a loop on the Checkout screen with a 'tax has been recalculated error' until they go back to the Shopping Cart screen).


* fixes the weight unit sent in Google Shopping feed to 'lb' instead of 'lbs' if merchant using a locale that uses lbs for weight.

* removes 'rel' and 'type' attributes from links sent in Google Shopping feed.

* fixes a Reports issue with the Coupon report not loading in Pro stores.

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