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v14.0 sp3 r2 maintenance release fixes some problems with v14.0 sp3 and earlier

Product: ALL
Version: 14.0 sp3
Platform: Linux

I have the ShopSite 14.0 sp3 or older version and I am experiencing some technical problems, are there any patches or new releases available?

Yes, maintenance release 14.0 sp3 r2 is now available for stores on the Linux 32-bit and 64-bit server platforms.

This maintenance release addresses the issues listed below:


* fixes a 14 sp3 issue where orders with 0.00 total (free products or gift certificates redeemed to make the total 0.00) were not allowed to complete.

* changes EU VAT feature to be based on shopper's country rather than merchant's country in accordance with new EU vat laws effective July 1, 2021.

* adds a VAT option to display the tax percentage in cart.

* updates the Mailchimp and Constant Contact integrations to use those services' latest APIs.

* changes the limits for Variable Name and Variable SKU values from 256 characters to 1024 characters.

* fixes an issue where if a shopper input their last name ending with a . (period) the last name was not being sent to


* fixes an issue where the settings for 'Include Page Images' and 'Include Product Images' checkboxes (new in 14 sp3) in the Google Sitemap settings were not being saved.

* improvements and fixes for the backoffice Dark theme.

* updates default VAT table data with current EU VAT rates.

* fixes an issue where some Pro stores might get an "Error Missing Parameter" error when attempting to use the Bill Order button on the Manage Order page.

* fixes an issue with the Google Shopping feeds where the Minimum Quantity setting for an item wasn't reflected in the Price or Weight in the feed.

* adds a new 'Additional Price' setting for the Google Shopping feed configuration to specify one of the extra product fields to pass an additional amount in the feed if you have products that have surcharges/options/etc amounts that Google requires be reflected in the feed.

* fixes a 14 sp3 issue where products with On Sale prices set would have the sale price included in the Google Shopping feed, but outside of the block for that product.

* fixes an issue where if the sending of product dimensions is enabled in the Google Shopping feed configuration, the dimensions included in the feed might always default to 'cm' instead of using the unit of measure (cm or in) set in the store's shipping configuration.

* fixes an issue with the Automated XML Order Downloads when a download where no orders where downloaded based on the parameters provided was missing the Response XML tag.

* fixes an issue when adding a text label between checkout buttons on the Payment config screen the 'x' to remove the text label was transparent/invisible in the backoffice Light theme.

* fixes an issue where images uploaded through the backoffice that didn't need their 'original' version resized would not have correct permissions set for a few webserver setups.

* changes automated XML order, page, and product downloads to send the correct "application/xml" Content-type header instead of the incorrect "application/x-www-form-urlencoded".

* fixes an issue when using the User Accounts backoffice login and the Safari browser where assigning a product to pages would cause a login prompt to appear in the assignment pop-up instead of the list of pages.

* fixes an issue that could prevent merchants from initially configuring the PayPal Commerce (new in 14 sp3) or Braintree (new in 14) payment gateways (adds the new 'ISRG Root X1' to the ShopSite CA certificate store).


* adds the Instagram follow button (if configured) to themes that are using individual template tags for each social media follow instead of the comprehensive [-- SOCIAL --] tag.

* fixes an issue with the Electric theme in IE 11 where product images didn't shrink to fit the container space

* adds additional ADA labels to some form fields in the shopping cart.

* fixes an issue with the older Classy theme where the more info page images didn't show up on the More Information Page when the product's Image Alignment was set to Left Aligned.

* fixes a 14 sp3 issue where IF tags with a comparison string without surrounding quotes where the comparison string starts with an I would not work properly.

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