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After Sept 30, 2021 I can no longer securely access my ShopSite store from some devices

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PROBLEM: A certificate authority (CA) certificate for signing SSL certificates for trusting certain websites has expired and new certificates issued by those companies are using newer CA certificates that may not be in the CA cert store for older operating systems and applications. Unless your device has been updated you will get an error trying to get to the web site via HTTPS. You may see an error such as:

Your connection is not private

If you are running any of the following older versions you will have problems:

PC/Laptop Operating Systems:
Windows < XP SP3
macOS < 10.12.1

Mobile Operating Systems:
iOS < 10 (iPhone 5 is the lowest model that can get to iOS 10)
Android < 7.1.1

Mozilla Firefox < 50
Possibly others. It is best to upgrade to the latest versions.


This is not specific to ShopSite, but rather to the SSL certificate used by the webserver (and in some cases, mail server and FTP server). There is no upgrade or patch for ShopSite that would/could resolve this. Upgrade your device and/or browser to a newer version. Try switching your browser to a different one and see if you still have problems.

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7th of October, 2021

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