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Chrome browser: beginning around July/August 2020 shoppers coming to cart from different domain occasionally lose all products added to the cart

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When shoppers using the Google Chrome browser add items to the cart (or view the cart) from my store pages (which are on a different domain than the shopping cart) everything appears to be going fine for a couple of minutes, but then when they add another product or view the cart again, all previous products that were in the cart are gone. Why is this happening, and what can I do about it?


If you have ShopSite version 14.0 sp1 r1 or newer and your cart has secure URLs available and configured, you should do BOTH of the following to resolve this issue:

1. Go to the Preferences > Hosting Service menu in your ShopSite's backoffice and check the 'Use SSL/TLS security in ShopSite Generated Pages and the order screen' checkbox, and click the Save Changes button at the bottom.

2. On your store pages on the non-cart domain where you have placed ShopSite order buttons, change the target URL of the order buttons to go to the cart using https:// instead of http://.

If you don't have ShopSite 14.0 sp1 r1 or newer, you should look into upgrading, or using store pages (at least for pages the order buttons are on) that are on the same domain as your ShopSite shopping cart.


The Chrome developers have decided to increase browser security by limiting cookie usage when cookies are set from a page at a different domain than the user had just been on to cookies that contain additional attributes 'SameSite=None' and 'Secure'. This Chrome change and the rollout plan for it is described in the following Chrome developer platform status entry:

ShopSite uses cookies to identify unique shoppers with their cart data. This will typically only be an issue for stores that have their store pages on a different domain than the domain used by the shopping cart (e.g. store pages at a domain like '' and the shopping cart going to '', etc) . ShopSite added the 'SameSite=None' and 'Secure' attributes to cookies set by the secure cart in the ShopSite 14.0 sp1 r1 maintenance release, see:

"* adds SameSite attribute to cookies set by the cart when the cart is secure in preparation for upcoming changes to cookie handling in the Chrome browser."

Note that Chrome will ignore these cookie flags if the domain setting them isn't accessed via https.

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