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v14.0 sp1 r1 maintenance release fixes some problems with v14.0 sp1 and earlier

Product: ALL
Version: 14.0 sp1
Platform: Linux

I have the ShopSite 14.0 sp1 or older version and I am experiencing some technical problems, are there any patches or new releases available?

Yes, maintenance release 14.0 sp1 r1 is now available for stores on the Linux 32-bit and 64-bit server platforms.

This maintenance release addresses the issues listed below:


* fixes an issue causing an Internal Server Error from thankyou.cgi when trying to complete an order using the manual Check payment type in a store configured to use the First Data Payeezy Gateway for credit card payments.

* fixes a 14 sp1 issue where the GlobalShopex checkout button was not being displayed in the cart for stores using that service for international shipping.

* adds products' "On Sale" price savings to the optional "You have saved" total in the cart.

* fixes an issue with a missing alt tag on the optional product image in the cart.

* updates the version of fb_connect.js used for Facebook Login in Customer Registration to 6.0.

* fixes an issue for recurring billing (ARB) transactions where including the shopper's phone number could cause the subscription transaction to fail.

* fixes an ApplePay issue that could lose product options reported to the gateway when using that payment type.

* fixes a Braintree issue with non-ASCII characters causing issues with the 3D Secure verification.

* fixes an issue with the PayPal Payments Pro gateway where orders with a product total of 0.00 (only free products) but a greater than zero tax and/or shipping amount couldn't be completed, receiving the PayPal detailed error message 'The totals of the cart item amounts do not match order amounts.'

* fixes an issue with Amazon Pay where a shopper who selected US as their country in the shopping cart but selected a non-US address in the Amazon Pay window may be able to complete an order without a shipping charge applied.

* fixes an issue with Customer Registration where some characters were being allowed in sign-up email addresses that are not actually valid for email addresses.

* fixes an issue with the First Data Payeezy Gateway where a missing authentication setting would cause thankyou.cgi to crash, also prevent the merchant from being able to enable this gateway without having provided all the required authentication settings.

* adds SameSite attribute to cookies set by the cart when the cart is secure in preparation for upcoming changes to cookie handling in the Chrome browser.

* fixes an issue with PayPal Express where a shopper who chooses a different zip code in PayPal than they indicated on the cart would be correctly sent back to the cart with the message 'The correct Postal Code has now been updated' however the postal code in the cart wasn't automatically getting updated to the new one from PayPal.

* fixes an issue for Safari/iOS browsers where the Enter key would cause the first item in the cart to be removed instead of the cart recalculated.


* fixes an issue with the Google Shopping feed configuration where only the first 50 Extra Product Fields were available to configure as custom fields to include in the feed.

* fixes and improves formatting of the table on the Utilities > Database menu.

* fixes an issue with resizing PNG images with transparent backgrounds where the background on the resulting resized image would be black, also updates to the latest libpng 1.6.37 library.

* fixes an issue where the Currency setting selected in the PayPal Standard settings would save, but on re-entering the settings screen would change back to U.S. Dollar.

* fixes an issue where the Apple Pay and Google Pay payment types could be accidentally enabled when the payment gateway used doesn't support those payment types.

* updates 'Your country' selection in Commerce > Payment Setup to allow additonal countries to select Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Braintree due to new countries now supported by those gateways.

* updates references and settings for the 'ACH Direct' payment gateway to the new 'Forte Payments' name.


* various page and cart improvements to support ADA.

* fixes an issue in the shopsiteorders.dtd with the format of the new ApplePay and GooglePay paytype subelements.

* removes markup from embedded in the HTML of Reviews tag output and other places in the More Info Page templates, and replaces it with a JSON include so that it can be more easily maintained and customized.

* adds JSON_ENCODE parameter for Text template field tags.

* adds optional NUMBER parameter to PRODUCT.PRICE tag so a price can be output with en-US style separators even if merchant is using en-EU locales.

* fixes an issue where closing the Search field on pages using the Full-based themes would cause the Navigation menu to disappear in mobile browsers.

* fixes an issue where doublequotes entered in the SKU of an Advanced Ordering Option would cause problems with the rest of the edit menu not displaying properly when subsequenly editing that product.

* fixes an issue where ShopSite wasn't detecting that it was being accessed securely on certain servers using certain SSL proxy settings.

* updates the included version of openssl and libcurl libraries which resolved an issue connecting to FedEx servers from certain 64-bit Linux servers.

* fixes an issue where a reference to a script on a 'dance supplies' site was in some Customer Registration pages in the new Element-based themes.

* updates jQuery library used by ShopSite to the latest 3.5.1 to resolve PCI scan complaints with earlier versions.

* fixes an issue where the universal Footer text/HTML from Preferences > Layout Settings was missing from pages/More Info Pages using the new Element-based themes.

* fixes an issue in CJ-based and Boot-Two-based themes where a product with Advanced Ordering Options enabled and no additional More Info images would have it's product info lined up under the More Info image instead of next to it as normal.

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