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v14.0 r3 maintenance release fixes some problems with v14.0 r2 and earlier

Product: ALL
Version: 14.0 r2
Platform: Linux, FreeBSD

I have the ShopSite 14.0 r2 or older version and I am experiencing some technical problems, are there any patches or new releases available?

Yes, maintenance release 14.0 r3 is now available for stores on the Linux and FreeBSD server platforms.

This maintenance release addresses the issues listed below:


* adds a new credit card payment gateway option, TSYS Genius Checkout.

* fixes an issue with Apple Pay where if using an image button for Submit Order on Checkout the Apple Pay button wasn't displayed.

* adds an option to send ECOM market type to Authorize.Net for Apple Pay transactions, which is required only in cases where the Authorize.Net account wasn't created originally as an 'ecommerce' type account.

* adds Level II and Level III data to transactions sent to the new Authorize.Net (Accept) payment gateway.

* fixes an issue where page a product was added from wasn't reflected in the cart's link for that product if it were added to the cart using the AJAX pop-up.

* fixes an issue with where orders with Recurring Billing items with the Bill On date set to a specific day of the month could be rejected if the order were attempted after that day of the month in December.

* changes the initial cart screen to send full address info (instead of just zip) to AvaTax or TaxJar for tax calculation if the full address info is already in the cart file to minimize the instances where a shopper could encounter a 'tax amount has changed' warning on the Checkout screen.

* removes 'ShopSite:' from the beginning of the CustomerCode value sent to AvaTax so that other AvaTax or 3rd-party tools that expect this field to contain just an email address will have an easier time matching/finding the records.

* fixes an Apple Pay issue where multiple HTML forms on the Checkout screen (generally only encountered in a custom shopping cart template) could cause problems submitting the billing form data to Apple Pay.

* fixes an issue on the optional Confirmation screen where the form action was submitting to a relative URL instead full non-relative URL.

* fixes a TaxJar issue where if the option to send lineitems to TaxJar in the final transaction report is enabled, the line items did not include the taxable amount for that item.


* fixes an issue with the Cookies & Privacy Policy configuration that could cause an Internal Server Error or incomplete sections in the generated policy if certain expected ShopSite data files were missing.

* adjusts the height of the payment configuration modal iframe if the browser window is small to avoid double scroll bars in mobile browsers.

* fixes an issue in the Apple Pay configuration where creating the private key and CSR fails if the store's Store Name value is longer than 31 characters.

* adds an alert/warning to the Apple Pay config if the merchant clicks the 'Generate new private key and CSR' link when there is already an existing key and CSR, and an alert notice when the key and CSR are successfully created.

* fixes an issue in the Products menu that could cause it to not display the list of products when using the Internet Explorer browser.

* fixes an issue with the sorting of products by different fields on the Products menu.

* adds the shipping tracking info (if provided by the merchant) to the default Packing Slip templates if the option is enabled in the configuration.

* adds a backup JavaScript check for the Apple Pay domain validation file on the Apple Pay configuration menu if the initial curl check fails.

* only check for the Apple Pay domain file via the secure URL, since that's the only way Apple Pay will validate it anyway.

* fixes an issue in order download for products with a double-quote character in the selected ordering options.

* fixes an issue where product images in the List of Products could display bigger than the original size which would make them appear distorted.

* adds an image size setting for List and Grid views to the Products UI settings.

* fixes an issue where products without an image assigned would display a broken image in the Grid View layout of the Products menu.

* fixes an issue with a negative margin for the SKU in the Grid View layout of the Products menu.

* fixes an issue in Orders > Configure where the 'Display product's merchant field' was incorrectly labeled, changed to 'Display product's Merchant Product Instructions field' to reflect the correct product field it affects.

* adds a warning reminder when adding/editing a Free Shipping Coupon if the Free Shipping Coupon option hasn't been enabled or fully configured in Commerce > Shipping.

* fixes an issue that prevented a user on an iphone or ipad from being able to change their backoffice password or challenge question if using the User Accounts login method.

* fixes an issue where the footer wasn't displayed on the Challenge Question screen of the User Accounts login.

* fixes an issue with Reports in the spreadsheet view that could cause an extra scrollbar.

* updates the TaxJar and AvaTax configuration screens field placement and descriptive text to better reflect potential sales tax liability in new states due to the 'economic nexus' concept.

* fixes an issue where the very first order placed in a store may not be reflected in the sales Reports.

* fixes an issue with the Remote Database feature caused because postgres doesn't use 'UNSIGNED' datatypes like some other databases.

* adds an option to not send line items to PayPal for the Payflow Link payment gateway.

* fixes a PayPal Link issue with orders with a lot of line items that could exceed PayPal's data limits if line item data were provided.

* fixes an issue with Arrange Subproducts for Products and Arrange Items for Pages where many hundreds/thousands of assigned items would cause the drag-and-drop functions from jquery to wig out and not allow the page to load. Now if there are more than several hundred assigned items the drag-and-drop functionality is disabled.

* fixes an issue with billing of Transfirst/Acceptsafe orders where it wasn't recognizing that they had previously been billed.

* fixes an issue with billing of Worldpay orders where is wasn't recognizing that they had previously been billed.

* adds a Price input form field to the add to cart form created by the Order Buttons 'Show HTML' function if the product has Variable Price enabled.

* adds the HTML Editor function for the 2 'Text for Email' fields on the Abandoned Cart configuration.

* fixes Subscriptions to only update if Automated Recurring Billing (ARB) is enabled in the settings and adds a warning message to say that ARB needs to be turned on for Subscriptions to work.

* fixes an issue where the default host for ARB Subscriptions was set to the test server not the live server.

* removes Zaire (a deprecated country name) from the Countries list in States & Countries for new installs.

* adds a 'label' HTML element around add to cart forms created by the Order Buttons 'Show HTML' option to satisfy ADA requirements.


* fixes an issue with the Carousel slideshow function not working due to upgraded jQuery in version 14 r2.

* switches from using outdated jqzoom for More Info Page image zoom to use elevatezoom, a newer and more versatile zoom library.

* fixes an issue in CJ-based themes where product prices over $1,000 would display incorrectly in the pop-up mini-cart, as well as the prices of any products subsequently added.

* fixes an issue where many extra More Info Images would cause the thumbnails on the More Info Page to be appear very small because there were no line breaks/wraps to put them on separate lines.

* fixes an issue for CJ-based themes where a source map reference to in cjboot.min.css would cause an error in browsers' Developer Tools debuggers.

* fixes an issue with BB-based themes where the search results pages wouldn't display universal Footer if enabled.

* fixes a debugger issue in the Bootstrap-Product-MoreInfoImageRow.sst product template with an extra 'zoomType' parameter in a JavaScript function call.

* fixes an issue with the Boot-Two based themes where the mini-cart on store pages still shows a product count after the Empty Cart function is used in the cart.

* fixes an issue with CJ-based themes where in Internet Explorer 11 the Checkout button can be off the right side of the screen.

* adds feedback alert to let the shopper know their Constant Contact newsletter signup was successful. The alert can be overwritten by designers by defining a custom function named ss_newsletter_callback that takes a string.

* fixes an issue with CJ-based themes where a PRODUCT.GoogleCondition product template tag was missing the beginning [-- so that the tag itself would appear in the source instead of the assigned Condition value.

* adds 'itemCondition' microdata to products' More Info Pages in responsive themes.

* improves the CJ-based themes' newprice javascript function to handle equals price modifier for ordering options.

* fixes and issue with CJ-based themes where some CSS wasn't working correctly in the Wish List and other cart screens that included the cj-cgi.css file.

* fixes an issue with the Facebook Connect login capability of Customer Registration not working caused by Facebook's switch to a different JavaScript file (sdk.js) for their login functions.

* changes the Facebook Connect login option to only display on the Customer Registration login screens if they are secure pages because it's a Facebook requirement and won't work otherwise.

* fixes an issue where the Facebook App Secret wasn't being used for the Facebook Connect login if one was specified by the merchant.

* fixes an issue where when the cdn_url token is set in the store.aa file and the "Use SSL/TLS security in ShopSite Generated Pages and the order screen" option is checked the specified CDN URL wasn't being used for product images on the store pages.

* fixes an issue with the Intrepid theme where if the browser window was very small (mobile-sized) the View Cart button on the store pages wouldn't work.

* adds a [--STORE.ImageRowCnt --] template tag for More Info Pages, the tag returns the value of the Preferences > More Info Page "Number of Images in a row" setting.

* replaces the jqzoom JavaScript image zoom library with a newer JavaScript library to handle the More Info Page image zoom feature.

* fixes a CSS issue that caused scroll bars around the Checkout buttons on the shopping cart screen in some circumstances in some themes.

* fixes an issue with old pre-3.x jquery versions referenced in several template include files, including one that would be placed on pages if the AJAX Add-to-cart feature were enabled, that could cause PCI scan failures.

* fixes an issue with upgrade that could result in incomplete upgrades if the system-provided tar path is a directory instead of the actual tar executable.

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