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v14.0 r2 maintenance release fixes some problems with v14.0 r1 and earlier

Product: ALL
Version: 14.0 r1
Platform: Linux, FreeBSD

I have the ShopSite 14.0 r1 or older version and I am experiencing some technical problems, are there any patches or new releases available?

Yes, maintenance release 14.0 r2 is now available for stores on the Linux and FreeBSD server platforms.

This maintenance release addresses the issues listed below:


* fixes an issue causing a coupon discount to be doubled if the coupon had a list of excluded products and the merchant changed the price of a product while it was in a shopper's cart.

* fixes an issue for Starter and Manager stores that could cause them to have to go back to the cart screen to recalc shipping if they changed the zip on the Checkout screen with certain shipping or tax options enabled instead of staying on the Checkout screen with the new AJAX recalculate method.

* fixes an issue with coupons assigned to Customer Registration groups after an upgrade to 14 r1. GroupID Fixes (Treat as INTEGER and don't CAST) (coupon assignments for cust reg groups)

* fixes an issue where any HTML added by merchants to address field text labels was not removed from the id parameters output by the SC_Address_V2 template tag on the Checkout screen.

* fixes an issue for the new (Accept) gateway where & and high-ascii characters entered by the shopper in address fields, credit cards fields, or product names/skus would cause XML errors from the gateway on checkout.

* adds ss_email to the Shopping Cart JavaScript Variables available on the Thank You receipt screen for ShopSite Manager stores.

* fixes an issue where only the first 50 of the 100 extra product fields were being passed to the Custom Shipping Add-on API.

* fixes an issue with the new (Accept) gateway that would use the sandbox server instead of live server if "Decrease PCI scope" were enabled.

* fixes an issue where the shopper's Customer Registration 'forgot password' password reset function may not work.

* fixes an issue with ApplePay that would cause it to not work if the merchant hadn't selected United States as the Country on the Commerce > Payment menu.

* fixes the JSON Cart response that is broken if there is a coupon in the cart.

* fixes an issue where saving the Confirmation screen configuration would turn off the confirmation screen if the on/off checkbox is disabled because of payment gateway selection (such as eWay, which requires the Confirmation screen).

* adds new "settling" status to accepted Braintree (Legacy) transaction statuses.

* fixes an issue with the TransFirst gateway caused if shoppers entered zip codes longer than 9 characters.

* fixes an issue for UPS real-time rates where the cart was using the Merchant Locale for instead of Buyer Locale setting for units/formatting if the merchant had configured them differently for some reason.

* adds sending data on tax exempt orders to TaxJar.

* fixes an issue with the new (Accept) payment gateway where trying to finalize an order would just send the shopper back to the store's main page if the submit button was an image instead of a text submit and the 'Decrease PCI scope' checkbox is checked in the settings.

* fixes an issue with Customer Registration where a shopper could change their email address to include to include uppercase characters which would subsequently prevent them from being able to login.

* fixes an issue with the new (Accept) that caused the shopper to have to re-enter their credit card information when there was an error if the Reduce PCI Scope option was enabled as well as the optional Confirmation screen.

* fixes an issue when using PayPal Payments Pro and TaxJar that would cause a "Tax total is invalid" error from PayPal if the shopper changed their zip on the Checkout page.

* adds merchant 'shipping from' address settings to the TaxJar configuration menu so that taxes can be calculated from the correct location that the merchant ships from.

* fixes an issue where the selected Ordering Option was not preserved when adding products to the cart from a Wishlist if doublequote characters were in the Ordering Options text.

* fixes an issue where (Accept) transactions were rejected when the 'description' (ordering options and customer text entry) for a cart item sent to anet was longer than 255 characters.

* fixes an issue where high-ascii characters in product or address info could cause server 500 errors when sending the information to TaxJar.

* adds purchased Gift Certs to product data sent to TaxJar.

* fixes an issue with Braintree gateway when using TaxJar or AvaTax and the shopper gets an updated tax amount on the Checkout screen after inputting their full address would cause a JavaScript error and the payment fields to be read-only.

* fixes an issue with the BrainTree payment type where trying to finalize an order would just send the shopper back to the store's main page if the submit button was an image instead of a text submit.


* fixes an issue that caused the sample shopping cart images to not display for some themes in the Theme picker.

* adds Authorize.NET and Authorize.Net AIM (Legacy) as available payment gateways when a supported european Country is selected.

* fixes an issue where the raw Constant Contact responses for shoppers who signed up for the mailing list when placing their order was being displayed at the top of the ShopSite main menu (start.cgi).

* fixes an issue where an order where the shopper had provided a LOT of data in the 'Customer Text Entry' field for one of the products would cause an Internal Server Error when the merchant subsequently tried to access the backoffice main menu or Orders menu.

* removes Google's old/cancelled reCAPTCHA v1 service and defaults the Human Validation Image and Reviews validation to use Solvemedia TYPE-IN for the CAPTCHA option.

* fixes an issue with the backoffice validation of the Apple Pay domain verification file because Apple changed the filename they use.

* fixes an issue that could cause HTTP 500 Error from order.cgi for certain AJAX requests.

* fixes the CheckIt function to work properly on the Subscriptions page.

* fixes an issue where the 'Send Tracking' function in Manage Order wouldn't send the tracking email to a new email address if when specified, only to the original address.

* fixes an issue in the Products menu where some product images (if set to show in the Products list) were referenced by non-https URLs even if the backoffice was accessed securely. * fixes an issue with the User Accounts forgot password function that may not work for backoffice users created before the v14 upgrade.

* fixes an issue where the product image wasn't displayed via the secure URL when the image is uploaded from the Setup Wizard.

* fixes an issue with the new (Accept) where the response data for recurring billing transactions was not included in the Payment Processing Info field with the response data of the one-time transaction.

* fixes an issue in the Merchant Alerts menu where checking the box at the top of the Delete checkbox column wasn't selecting the checkboxes of all the Alert records like it was supposed to. * fixes an issue where product inventory numbers couldn't be set to specific negative values (subtracting from current values worked) via a product upload.

* fixes an issue where non-US/Canada merchants couldn't register for UPS real-time shipping because the postal code is removed when submitting the registration form.

* fixes an issue that could cause an Internal Server Error message when attempting to Bill Order using Worldpay on a non-Worldpay order.

* fixes an issue in ShopSite Pro with not being able to save the Configure Orders menu if the Merchant Locale is set to en-EU due to the formatting of the numeric coupon values.

* fixes an issue with the Add and Edit Coupon menus that kept them from being saved if the Merchant Locale is set to en-EU.

* fixes an issue where the Checkout buttons wouldn't appear in the cart if PayPal Advanced or Payflow Link are used with Express Checkout.

* adds an option to disable the sending of lineitem details to PayPal Advanced because of PayPal data length limits that could be encountered for orders with a lot of lineitems.

* fixes an issue where setting the 'Make Store URL secure Use SSL/TLS security in ShopSite Generated Pages and the order screen' option in Preferences > Hosting Service did not trigger the Publish button to appear.

* adds the status and response text to the Merchant Alert generated when Braintree (Legacy) transactions fail with an unknown status.

* adds an option to disable the sending of lineitem details to the new (Accept) gateway.

* fixes an issue with making color selections in the backoffice (for text color, visited link color, etc) via the color wheel wouldn't immediately reflect the new color visually on the color patch around the settings box.

* fixes an issue where the tax item code set for a product wouldn't display properly in the pull-down if it wasn't in TaxJar's list of values.

* adds a warning to the Order Buttons menu if 'Show Embed' is used and the 'Iframe Control' setting in Commerce > Order System > Layout is set to 'Deny'.

* updates the Tiny MCE html editor to the newest version at this time.

* fixes an issue where the checkout button arrangement option wasn't enabled in the Payment menu if PayPal Standard and Amazon Pay were the only payment types enabled.

* fixes an issue where existing Advanced Ordering Options would be duplicated on a product upload if the option names were 5 words or longer.

* fixes a potential issue with downloads of Apple Pay and Braintree orders in the XML Download format because those payment methods hadn't been added to the DTD yet.


* fixes an issue where in some themes payment field labels where hidden by CSS on the Confirmation screen, which caused an issue if using the eway gateway where checkout occurs on the Confirmation screen.

* fixes the 'Follow' links for Twitter and Pinterest and the 'Share' link for Facebook to use https:// URLs since those services have switched to all https:// and would redirect anyway.

* updates the jQuery version used by ShopSite to jQuery v3.3.1, the newest version at this time.

* fixes an issue where if the store was set to get jQuery from a CDN instead of locally the jQuery-UI component wasn't also from the CDN.

* fixes an issue with visual confirmation of Constant Contact newsletter sign-up not working because the XML response from Constant Contact was included in the AJAX response.

* reduces calls to Constant Contact by not doing anything if the email address submitted is not in a valid email format.

* fixes a display issue with CJ-based themes when a Product Name contains a comma.

* adds a feature to help merchants craft a Cookie and Privacy Policy (for GDPR purposes, etc) and display a banner to shoppers with a consent button.

* adds WISHLIST_PRODUCTS.* fields as valid parameters to VAR and CALL tags in Wishlist template defines where WISHLIST_PRODUCTS.* tags are valid.

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