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v14.0 r1 maintenance release fixes some problems with v14.0 and earlier

Product: ALL
Version: 14.0
Platform: Linux, FreeBSD

I have the ShopSite 14.0 or older version and I am experiencing some technical problems, are there any patches or new releases available?

Yes, maintenance release 14.0 r1 is now available for stores on the Linux and FreeBSD server platforms.

This maintenance release addresses the issues listed below:


* changes the way location-based shipping handles the shopper changing the shipping zip/country on the Checkout page. The shopper no longer has to return to the initial Shopping Cart page (order.cgi) from the Checkout (billing.cgi) if the shipping zip entered on the Cart page is changed on the Checkout page AND the same shipping method is still available. ShopSite now recalculates the shipping on the Checkout page when the zip code changes.

* fixes an issue that had caused the new Accept payment gateway to only work with test accounts.

* fixes an issue when a registered shopper with a saved shipping address selects a different country than in their saved shipping address before logging in and selecting that address that could cause a 'country has changed' error unless they switch to the 'New ship to' option and reselect the country.

* fixes an issue where the results from a custom shipping add-on were not considered if the "Notify shopper to contact the merchant" option were selected for the "If unable to get shipping rates or no shipping service is available to ship the entire order" shipping setting.

* fixes an issue with a TaxJar error not being reported in the Merchant Alerts feature.

* changes the way braintree handles Return To Cart and Make Changes so the cart data is saved.

* fixes an issue for themes using the sc_cart_v2 tag in the template for the Checkout screen that prevented the automatic highlighting of required address fields (if the shopper didn't provide the required data).

* fixes an issue with the First Data Payeezy gateway that would cause a rejected transaction with an 'invalid XML' error message if the shopper included an ampersand character in the 'Name on Card' field.


* fixes an issue where the Preferences > Themes menu may cause browser security warnings or show as non-secure because of non-https URLs used for some theme sample images.

* changes the name of the PayPal Promotions feature to PayPal Marketing Solutions to reflect PayPal's name change for that product.

* fixes an issue with the Test Connection function in the new TaxJar feature if extra whitespace characters had been included by the merchant before or after the value entered in the API Token setting.

* fixes an issue that prevented editing or adding of coupons that included parentheses characters in the Name.

* now showing fewer columns of product data by default in the Products menu for stores who upgrade to 14 r1 from 12 sp1 or older.


* fixes an issue where in some themes payment field labels where hidden by CSS on the Confirmation screen, which caused an issue if using the eway gateway where checkout occurs on the Confirmation screen.

* fixes an issue with Boot-Two based themes where the ShopSite Security Image was not being included on the ShopSite-generated store pages or in the shopping cart if that feature had been enabled.

* fixes an issue where store pages were generated using the Merchant Locale setting for the number format instead of the Buyer Locale setting.

* fixes an issue with the sc_default shopping cart template where the coupon link tags were missing from the Abandoned Cart Email defines

* fixes Ajax add-to-cart functionality for products over $1,000.

* fixes Airy theme color names

* fixes the alignment of the Facebook image on ShopSite store pages using the CJ based themes.

* fixes the alignment of the left and right Navigation menus when using the BB-GiftCertWithSideMenus.sst gift certificate template.

* fixes an error message when using the BB-GiftCertWithSideMenus.sst gift certificate template caused by a reference to a non-existent Include file BB-FooterScriptsCGI.sst.

* fixes an issue with missing trailing zeros on product prices on More Info Pages in the new CJ based themes.

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