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12 sp3 r3 and 12 sp3 r4 patches for First Data Global Gateway (formerly Linkpoint or YourPay) and TLS 1.2

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Version: ShopSite 12 sp3 r2 and older
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I am using the First Data Global Gateway (formerly Linkpoint or YourPay) payment gateway in my ShopSite to process credit card orders, and recently (beginning 1/24/18) credit card payments are intermittently being declined with an error "SSL Connect Failure", why is this happening and what can I do to resolve this?

New PCI standards require all communications payment gateways and ecommerce applications to be done via the TLS 1.2 or newer encryption protocol as of June 30, 2018. First Data began disallowing earlier encryption protocols on their servers starting January 24, 2018. In order to continue using this payment gateway in your ShopSite, if you are hosted on Linux or FreeBSD hosting servers you will need to upgrade to ShopSite 12 sp3 r3 or 12 sp3 r4 and have the thankyou.cgi and orderhandler.cgi patches for ShopSite 12 sp3 r4 applied in your store. ShopSite 14.0 and newer already include these patches.

Alternately, if you are on a Linux or FreeBSD server and have ShopSite 12 sp2 r4, 12 sp3, 12 sp3 r1, or 12 sp3 r2 and are unable to upgrade to ShopSite 12 sp3 r3/r4 and apply these patches at this time, you can switch to the newer First Data Payeezy Gateway gateway option in ShopSite, which supported the TLS 1.2 protocol as of ShopSite 12 sp2 r4 on those platflorms. If on a Windows Server, you would need to upgrade to 12 sp3 r4 in order to use First Data Payeezy. You will need to contact First Data in order to make the transition to this newer gateway and to get the account information for that gateway that you will need to configure it in ShopSite.

More information on version requirements and dates for this transition for various payment gateways and other services integrated in ShopSite can be found in the following ShopSite Knowledgebase article:

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