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v12 sp3 r3 and 12 sp3 r4 maintenance release fixes some problems with v12 sp3 r2 and earlier

Product: ALL
Version: 12 sp3 r2
Platform: Linux, FreeBSD

I have the ShopSite 12 sp3 r2 or older version and I am experiencing some technical problems, are there any patches or new releases available?

Yes, maintenance release 12 sp3 r4 is now available for stores on the Linux and FreeBSD server platforms.

This maintenance release addresses the issues listed below:


* adds the new First Class Package service for USPS Retail rates, which replaced First Class Parcel as of 1 September 2017 (the First Class Package service for Commercial rates was unaffected).

* fixes a scenario where USPS returned rates but not for any services merchants had enabled that the failover manual shipping rates (if enabled by the merchant) were not activated so the shopper could have checked out without a shipping charge.

* fixes a possible XSS issue in billing.cgi reported by a PCI scanner

* fixes an issue that would not allow checkout to proceed when ShopSite's Shipping by Weight table shipping method is in use and the order weight falls in a range with 'n/a' (new in 12 sp3) as the value for all enabled options.

* fixes an issue where a shopper could be asked to select a shipping option even when none were available to the shopper's location.

* fixes an issue where ampersand characters in the billing address would cause the FirstData e4/PayEezy gateway to reject orders with an error message of 'Bad Request: XML Parsing'.

* updates the host domain that ShopSite uses to connect to the Paymentech Orbital gateway to use their new TLS 1.2 domains. (NOTE: this change is only in the 12 sp3 r4 maintenance release, and is the ONLY change in that maintenance release over 12 sp3 r3, so if you have 12 sp3 r3 and you are not using this payment gateway then you do not need to upgrade to 12 sp3 r4).


* fixes an issue that could prevent images from being uploaded in the Setup Wizard add product interface.

* fixes an issue that could cause incomplete Publish if a page used in a Navigation menu had been deleted.

* fixes an issue that could cause an Internal Server Error (or incomplete order download) when a large list of orders was selected for download.

* fixes an issue that could allow images to be uploaded to locations other than the 'media' directory.

* fixes an issue with unescaped special characters in XML product download of Advanced Ordering Options.

* fixes an issue that could cause product Advanced Ordering Options to get cleared if omitted in an upload.

* fixes an issue where the Add to Pages field in product upload was behaving the same as the absolute Product On Pages field, instead of being additive-only as it should be.

* fixes the label of the “Transaction Key” setting in the WorldPay gateway configuration to say “SecureKey” to reflect WorldPay's new terminology.

* fixes an issue with the backoffice product search where Quantity On Hand wasn't being treated as a strictly numeric field


* fixes an issue where checking the 'Display Order Quantity' product layout setting had no effect in ShopSite Starter

* fixes an issue that could prevent ordering from Advanced Ordering Options that contained high-ASCII characters in the option text.

* fixes an issue that could cause the new AJAX Add To Cart feature to not work in conjunction with Advanced Ordering Option's Cascading Menus feature.

* fixes an issue that would cause a registered shopper's Reward balance (if any) to be reset if the shopper reset their password and then placed an order.

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14th of September, 2017

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