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v12 sp3 r2 maintenance release fixes some problems with v12 sp3 r1 and earlier

Product: ALL
Version: 12 sp3 r1
Platform: Linux

I have the ShopSite 12 sp3 r1 or older version on Linux and I am experiencing some technical problems, are there any patches or new releases available?

Yes, maintenance release 12 sp3 r2 is now available for stores on the Linux server platform.

This maintenance release addresses the issues listed below:


* fixes an issue with Amazon Pay with some stores using Order Buttons generated in older version of ShopSite that had different encrypted storeids that would cause a changing cart return URL when redirected to Amazon which would cause an Amazon error.

* fixes an issue with Amazon Pay that could cause the cart to just redirect back to the store's home page when returning from the Amazon login page.

* fixes an issue with Amazon Pay where state and city may not be included in final order.

* fixes an issue with Customer Registration where confirmation emails for newly registered shoppers wouldn't be sent if that option were enabled unless the option to send notification emails to the merchant were also enabled.

* fixes an issue with PayPal Advanced and PayPal Link that caused it to not work from some mobile devices.

* fixes an issue where an order could be placed without the shopper providing an email address if they had JavaScript disabled in their browser or if there was a JavaScript error on the Checkout page.


* fixes an issue that caused an Internal Server Error when clicking the "Click here to download the Original Datafeed" link in the Google Product Search menu. (also fixed for 12 sp3 r1 via a froogle.cgi patch)

* adds the option to the Braintree settings to store the customer information from orders in the Braintree Vault.

* fixes an issue that produced an Internal Server Error when the Product On Pages field in a product upload only contained the in-field delimiter character and no page names.

* fixes an issue that produced an Internal Server Error when attempting to redirect to database.cgi after a very large upload had completed.

* fixes an issue that produced an Internal Server Error when attempting to view matched upload fields after uploading a tab-delimited or .xls file.

* fixes an issue that produced an Internal Server Error if the first row in an .xls upload file is not identified as a header row ('#' is missing).

* adds a check for image filename extension when uploading an image in the Wizard.

* fixes an issue where +/- incrementing wasn't working for Quantity On Hand in product uploads, also adds the same +/- incrementing capability for the Advanced Ordering Options quantity field.

* adds the "AddQuantity" functionality for the Advanced Ordering Options section of XML product uploads.

* fixes an issue where the 'remove' functionality for pages and products not listed in certain page/product linking fields in uploads was not working.

* adds removing and ordering of Subproducts via product upload and similarly for page and product links in some of the linking steps.

* fixes an issue that produced an Internal Server Error when clicking Save Changes on any Preferences -> Store Text menu when the store is hosted on a server using Apache 2.4.24 or newer of the 2.4.x branch, or 2.2.32 or newer of the 2.2.x branch. Any changes made before clicking Save Changes were still being saved. (also fixed for 12 sp3 r1 via a worldconf.cgi patch)

* improves backoffice Product menu display performance for stores with many products.

* fixes an issue that could cause the Preferences > Themes menu to be blank in some stores upgraded to v12 from very old ShopSite versions.

* fixes an issue with searching for assigned products from the add/edit Coupon menu where assigned/unassigned products could be difficult to identify if there were many products in the result of the search.

* fixes an issue where searching on an Extra Product Field that had a " (doublequote) in its custom field name would cause the backoffice product search to 'hang'

* fixes an issue specific to the 64-bit Linux version that caused Excel .xls page and product uploads to not work, resulting in an Internal Server Error after the file was uploaded to the server.

* fixes an issue specific to the 64-bit Linux version that caused text added to Text 1, Text 2, and Text 3 fields when a product is initially manually created to not be saved with the product (subsequent editing of the product still allowed text to be saved to those fields).

* fixes an issue that caused the Merchandising > Social Media > Wordpress menu to be blank after the navbar, caused by recent changes by Wordpress to their servers.


* fixes an issue an issue with the BB-based responsive themes where if the top drop-down navigation was long enough to reach the footer, any menu options overlapping the footer could not be clicked.

* fixes an issue with pages generated using the Mobile feature where, if the page was paginated into multiple pages, the 'Prev' link in the pagination doesn't work when clicked on from the second page.

* fixes an issue with the microdata syntax of Reviews by adding itemprop to the review class.

* removes microdata from non-More Information Page defines (Bootstrap-based themes).

* fixes an issue that caused the current inventory status of the products to not appear on the More Info Pages even though that option is enabled in the Inventory Tracking settings.

* fixes an issue caused by allowing "../" in the 'template' value passed to ss_page.cgi

* adds checking the format of the email address before sending the Abandoned Cart emails in case an improperly formatted email had somehow been specified.

* adds a RAW_NUMBER optional parameter to the PRODUCT.Price template tag to output the product price without currency symbol or thousands separators.

* fixes an issue with the More Information Page image zoom feature not being able to use the merchant-selected image sizes. Note that some templates may still have the sizes hard-coded.

* removes 'noindex,nofollow' meta tag placed on pages where the ShopSite Product Search 'Index' checkbox is unchecked (Bootstrap, Boot-Two themes).

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