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v12 sp2 r1 maintenance release fixes some problems with v12 sp2

Product: ALL
Version: 12 sp2
Platform: Linux

I have the ShopSite 12 sp2 release on Linux and I am experiencing some technical problems, are there any patches or new releases available?

Yes, maintenance release 12 sp2 r1 is now available for stores on the Linux server platform (and is available as the initial release of ShopSite 12 sp2 on FreeBSD).

This maintenance release addresses the issues listed below:


* fixes an issue in Full-* based themes where per-product Cross Sell items weren't displaying in the shopping cart.

* fixes an issue in BB-* based themes where cross-sell products with subproducts would cause a template error in the display of the cross-sell product in the cart because the subproduct loop is not allowed in the cross-sell portion of the template.

* fixes an issue with the PayPal Pro gateway where an internal server error could be encountered if there was a timeout trying to connect to the PayPal server.

* fixes an issue with Customer Registration where a shopper may receive a "Registration requires the use of cookies" error when clicking the 'I forgot my password' or 'I'm a new customer' links on the sign-in page if the secure cart and non-secure cart domains and/or paths are different.

* fixes an issue where subproducts would receive out of stock messages when they were added to the cart if the inventory fields of their Advanced Ordering Options were left blank (in which case inventory tracking should be off for those options).


* fixes an issue where doublequotes in product fields could cause the list of products in the Products menu to not display.

* fixes an issue where an image uploaded through the Wizard screens didn't have the 'original' size resized properly.

* fixes an issue that limited the search term used in the Products menu to 256 characters.

* fixes an issue that removed HTML from search terms used in the Products menu.

* fixes an issue with display of the product images column in the Products menu of Starter stores caused because Starter doesn't have the resized images feature.

* fixes an issue with the Orders search that caused searches that don't require search terms (such as 'Show Unread') to return a list of all orders unless the 'Remember Search' checkbox was checked.

* adds a new search option in the Orders menu for orders that have not had a tracking email sent.

* fixes an issue with product download (tab-delimited and XML formats) where some advanced ordering option fields were missing in the 12.2-versioned download, and uploads with Advanced Ordering Options couldn't be uploaded.

* fixes an issue with XML Order Download where orders with carriage returns in the merchant-specified Order Management tracking email 'Comments' field would cause invalid characters (HTML control characters) in the element, causing the downloaded data to not validate with XML parsers.


* adds the feature to have HTML-based receipt emails in Starter level stores.

* fixes an issue in BB-* based themes where products with only one subproduct assigned couldn't be added to the cart.

* fixes an issue in Full-* based responsive themes where the Search icon would always appear when the page was shrunk to mobile size even if Search was disabled for the store.

* fixes an issue with Dynamic-* based themes where a hard-coded http:// JavaScript file reference would cause the store pages to not get the browser lock when accessed securely even with the option to generate store pages securely was enabled.

* fixes an issue with BB-* based themes where subproducts with sale prices would be shown as on sale even if the On Sale toggle was unchecked.

* fixes an issue with BB-* based themes where the display format of price and on-sale price of subproducts wasn't the same as it was for products.

* fixes the link in the merchant notification of new reviews to go to the correct URL for the Product Reviews menu.

* adds angle brackets around email addresses in all emails sent in order to lower spam scores with some spam filters.

* fixes an issue with the display of iframe-based order buttons for Starter stores that could cause bad alignment of the content within the iframe.

* fixes an issue with invalid data in microdata meta tags in the head section of More Info Pages caused when there is HTML in the product name.

* fixes an issue where the Carousel feature was not working in the new Habits theme.

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