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Beginning March 17th, 2015, stores using First Data Global Gateway 'e4' have transactions authorized in First Data but not ShopSite

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Version: ShopSite 12, 12 sp1, 12 sp1 r1, 12 sp1 r2
Platform: ALL

I use ShopSite 12x or ShopSite 12 sp1x and use the First Data Global Gateway e4 payment gateway, and beginning the evening of March 17th, 2015 I started having orders authorized in my First Data account but not appearing in ShopSite. Shoppers (if Display Error Details is turned on in the gateway settings) will see error codes similar to:

Error code: -1
Error details: b86

Why is this happening and what can be done to resolve it?

On March 17th 2015 First Data updated the SSL certificates used for the First Data Global Gateway e4 servers. Along with this change, their service also began returning a few extraneous characters before the XML response data which caused a problem with the parsing of the response.

The current ShopSite 12 sp1 r3 maintenance release (will show 12 sp1 r3.1 in the footer in the ShopSite backoffice if installed) contains the resolution for this issue. If you are using this payment gateway in an older ShopSite 12 or 12 sp1 version, please contact your ShopSite reseller (often your hosting provider) about upgrading to the latest ShopSite 12 sp1 version. This fix will also be included in all future versions of ShopSite.

NOTE: Support for the First Data Global Gateway e4 payment gateway was first added in ShopSite 12. The older First Data gateway (also included in ShopSite 12, previously known as Linkpoint or YourPay or Cardservices International) is NOT affected by this issue. Only the 'e4' gateway is affected.

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