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after approximately April 2014 some merchants may not receive merchant email notifications for SOME orders

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I used to receive merchant email notifications/receipts for all my ShopSite orders, but now some do not come through. What could be causing this, and what can I do?

Yahoo and AOL recently changed their DNS to include a signature that tells other mail servers an email from their domain is valid. This signature, also known as a DMARC record, is only included on emails originating from Yahoo and AOL servers. An order notification email originates on the server your store is hosted on and therefore does not contain the required signature. Email providers like GMail (or any other mail server/service that pays attention to DMARC records) will see your hosting account as the origin for these Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, GMail, and other customer email addresses and subsequently block these emails from being delivered to your inbox.

What can you do? If you have ShopSite 10 sp2 or newer, you can set the email notification's ‘From:’ address to an address on your domain. This way the merchant notification emails originate from a domain that is expected, and should help prevent them being marked as spam or rejected. To change the default setting, go to Commerce Setup -> Order System -> E-Mail, select the 'Use this specific e-mail address' option in the 'E-mail address to use as From address on merchant e-mail notifications' setting, then enter a specific email address (preferably one on your own domain), then click Save Changes.

Note that after making this change you won't be able to just hit the 'Reply' button in your email client from the order notifications to email your customer. You will have to hit 'Reply', then manually change the 'To:' address to the shopper's email address that is listed in the body of the merchant notification email.

It’s also important that your store’s default Merchant Email Address is set to your domain, and not a GMail, AOL, or Yahoo address. If not, customers may not get their email receipts either.

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