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Internal Server Error when attempting to Checkout with Human Validation Feature enabled, submitting Reviews hangs if requiring CAPTCHA

Product: ALL
Version: 11 sp2x, 12, and 12 r1
Platform: ALL

Following recent changes Google made to their ReCaptcha service, some ShopSite 11 sp2 (any sub-release older than 11 sp1 r5.4) and ShopSite 12 and 12 r1 stores using the Human Validation Images feature could experience an Internal Server Error error message when shoppers attempt to checkout after filling in the text shown on the Human Validation Image in the cart.

In ShopSite Pro, a similar issue could occur with the Product Reviews feature if merchants have enabled the requirement for shoppers to pass the CAPTCHA test before submitting their review, although in most instances instead of seeing an Internal Server Error message the review submission will just appear to 'hang' after the shopper clicks the Submit Review button.

If you are a merchant experiencing either of these issues you should immediately disable the Human Validation Image feature (in Commerce Setup -> Payment) and the Product Reviews requirement to pass a CAPTCHA to submit a review (in Merchandising -> Product Reviews -> Configure) until you can contact your ShopSite reseller regarding the solutions mentioned below.

If you have ShopSite 12 or 12 r1, you can switch the Human Validation feature to use the 'Basic' or 'Advanced' options instead of the 'reCAPTCHA (by Google)' options. Note that these options are not available in 11 sp2 or in the Product Reviews feature.

Upgrading to the latest ShopSite 12 r2 will resolve this issue. If you have the initial ShopSite 12 release or ShopSite 12 r1, please contact your ShopSite reseller regarding upgrading to the latest ShopSite 12 r2 version.

A (common.dll for Windows servers) patch has also been issued for ShopSite 11 sp2 r5 that will resolve this issue. ShopSite 11 sp2 users with a version older than 11 sp2 r5 should ask their reseller to upgrade to the ShopSite 11 sp2 r5 maintenance release and apply this patch. If your store has a version of 11 sp2 r5.4 or 11 sp2 r5e, then it has already been patched for this issue. Alternately, upgrading to ShopSite 12 r2 will also resolve the issue as well as add new v12 features to your store.

After upgrading to 12 r2 or applying the 11 sp2 r5 patch you can re-enable these features.

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16th of June, 2014

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