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v12 r2 maintenance release fixes some problems with v12 r1

Product: ALL
Version: 12 r1
Platform: Linux and FreeBSD

I have the ShopSite 12 r1 release and I am experiencing some technical problems, are there any patches or new releases available?

Yes, maintenance release 12 r2 is now available for stores on the Linux and FreeBSD server platforms (and is available as the initial release of ShopSite 12 on Windows Server 2003/2008).

This maintenance release addresses the issues listed below:


* fixes multiple issues with the new PayPal Advanced integration that could cause orders to fail when using that payment gateway.

* fixes default wording for PayPal Express Checkout changed postal code message to be more user friendly.

* fixes an issue with stores with 5 cent rounding enabled where products with cents values would be added to the cart with the wrong price.

* fixes an issue with a missing /tr tag in the table created in the cart if the Surcharge feature is used.

* fixes an issue with stores using the Human Validation Image (CAPTCHA) feature where the validation text the shopper entered would not be accepted after a 12 or 12 r1 upgrade unless the merchant use the Save Changes function on the Commerce Setup -> Payment menu.

* fixes an Internal Server Error encountered by shoppers when trying to checkout in some stores using the Human Validation Image feature.

* fixes an issue where FedEx SmartPost rates were not being displayed in the shopping cart when it is configured in the backoffice.
NOTE 1: FedEx SmartPost is a feature that will still only work with FedEx accounts that have been SmartPost-enabled on the FedEx side.
NOTE 2: SmartPost rates cannot be used if the 'Declared Value' option has been enabled in the FedEx settings in ShopSite.

* fixes an issue with the payment gateway's eCheck option that prevented it from being used by shoppers in previous v12 releases.

* fixes an issue where 'A Product' was hard coded into a shopping cart popup message when a required Ordering Option was not selected. Now the pop-up will include the product name instead of 'A Product'.

* fixes an issue with the Orbital Paymentech gateway where shoppers with a City name longer than 20 characters would have their transaction rejected by Orbital with the error of "Field [AVS CITY] exceeded max length of [20]"

* fixes an issue where on a PayPal Advanced error the shopper would be redirected to the initial cart screen at a secure URL, which was unnecessary and could cause some browsers not to load all of the .css and images on the page.

* fixes an issue where the PayPal Express 'send line item detail' option would result in a 'The totals of the cart item amounts do not match
order amounts.' error message from PayPal if there is a Discount Schedule discount included in the cart.

* fixes an issue with an extra " (doublequote) character in the product images included on the secure cart screens (if the display of images was enabled on those screens).

* fixes an issue with the Google Analytics e-commerce tracking code on the Thank You screen not working correctly if the Universal Analytics method of Google Analytics was enabled.


* fixes an Internal Server Error that could be encountered by some stores when attempting to upload images while there is a permissions or diskspace issue with its images ('media') directories.

* fixes an issue where extraneous leading and trailing whitespace was not being stripped when saved in settings on some payment configuration screens.

* fixes an issue where clicking the "Save Changes" button on the QuickBooks IIF order download Configure menu would cause subsequent .iif download files to have errors when importing into QuickBooks.

* fixes an issue where Advanced Ordering Options could be duplicated if the merchant switches back to Basic Ordering Options, then back to Advanced, and then Saves.

* fixes an issue where the links on the dashboards Top Wish List module were hard-coded to go to an inaccessible URL instead of the store's own Wishlist details.

* fixes an Internal Server Error when saving the Orders -> Configure menu in Pro stores if the store has one of the manual ShopSite Shipping shipping methods enabled but the first shipping option in that method is not enabled.

* fixes an issue where the Send Tracking function in Manage an Order would use the wrong tracking email body until the Orders -> Configure Orders menu was Saved.

* fixes an issue where the Extra More Info Images were not being deleted when the product was deleted and the option to delete the Product and MoreInfo page images was checked on the delete confirmation screen.

* fixes an issue with a JavaScript error in IE when clicking Send Email button when the Manage an Order send tracking email function was used.

* fixes a Reports issue with Inventory reports where products with Ordering Options might not be reported correctly.

* fixes an issue where Shipping by Weight or Currency tables couldn't be changed if the en-EU merchant locale is in use.

* fixes an issue where VAT inclusive pricing was displaying for line items in the View Packing Slip screen when the PackingSlip.sst template is in use.

* adds Brazil, Portugal, and Russia to list of available PayPal Page Locales in the PayPal Express Checkout settings.

* adds the Turkish Lira to the list of available currencies using the PayPal Standard payment method

* fixes an issue where extra spaces accidentally added to the Gateway Emulator gateway's "Host" and "Authorize Script" settings could cause the gateway to fail.

* fixes an issue where the Google Shopping feeds using the API submission method were being rejected by Google because they now require the "required_destination" API value to be "Shopping" instead of "ProductSearch".

* fixes an issue with larger stores using Google Analytics' new Universal Analytics method and with a different secure domain than their regular store domain where the Publish process (generate.cgi) could use excessive amounts of system memory.

* fixes an issue that could prevent logging in via ShopSite User Accounts if you had previously logged into another ShopSite store on the same domain but that previous store had since been removed.


* fixes the Help URL in an email warning sent to the merchant if the ShopSite order amount is different than the PayPal transaction amount indicated by the PayPal IPN callback.

* fixes an issue with new themes using the 'Flex Build' template set where if the merchant had configured a global font size but not a global font face the default browser font would be used instead of the default font for the theme.

* fixes an issue where new themes using the 'Full' page and product template set would not show social media share/follow buttons when those had been configured. 

* fixes an issue where the last product on a page using the new Full-Page.sst page template might not be able to be added to a Wishlist.

* fixes an issue where the Customer Registration shopper's "Preferences" menu might have bad table cell layout for the buttons if the new Wishlist feature is enabled.

* fixes an issue with the new Full-Product.sst product template where having the Google Category (if the product has that setting provided by the merchant) in a span causes HTML display problems for that product.

* fixes an issue where a custom Inventory API would not work with the new jsonp inventory custom product template tag.

* fixes an issue with Manager stores where in some new version 12 themes the product Search field would not appear on store pages when they were configured to have it.

* fixes an issue with new 12 themes using the "Full" template set where a custom background image setting would have no effect.

* fixing a missing "Preferences" button image for Customer Registration in the "Natural" color of the Modern theme

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