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v11 sp2 r5 maintenance release fixes some problems with v11 sp2 r4

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Version: 11 sp2 r4
Platform: ALL

I have the ShopSite 11 sp2 r4 release and I am experiencing some technical problems, are there any patches or new releases available?

Yes, maintenance release 11 sp2 r5 is now available for stores on the Linux, FreeBSD, and Windows 2003/2008 server platforms.

This maintenance release addresses the issues listed below:


* Fixes an issue where a registered shopper may login with their username and any password if the template used for customer  registration uses text submit buttons instead of images.

* Fixes an issue where an order could be placed without tax being charged if the shopper's browser had JavaScript disabled.

* Fixes JavaScript pop-up prompt for zip code on shopping cart screen to work on IE.

* Fixes the 'return to cart' link sent to SIM to use the regular shopping cart URL setting instead of the incorrect secure shopping cart URL.

* Fixes an issue where some extra IPNs from PayPal, although not used by ShopSite, needed to be acknowledged instead of ignored.

* Fixes a potential cross site scripting issue in the jsonp parameters passed to new_options.cgi

* Fixes Mcafee-reported open redirect by encrypting the reward_url value, and only redirect for Pro stores with Rewards enabled.

* Fixes issues with the WorldPay integration caused by some high-ASCII characters that needed to be encoded when sent to WorldPay.

* Fixes user-agent version number checking to detect IE 10 browser correctly to resolve issues with filename 'download.cgi' assigned to Digital Download files downloaded via that browser.

* Fixes an issue where a Javascript error could appear when submitting the form on the Checkout screen if there is no shipping for the order and the shipping address fields are set to not be displayed.

* Fixes an issue where just the image filename was being sent to the GlobalShopex cart instead of the full image URL.

* Fixes an issue with the country value in the ShopSite cart being overwritten on orders sent to GlobalShopex.

* Fixes an issue where the local/US portion of the shipping charge was included in information sent to the GlobalShopex cart.

* Fixes 'Please fill in Ship to Zip/Postal Code' error the first time trying to checkout using GlobalShopex.


* Fixes an issue with generating resized images for Doba products if certain parameters were not initialized.

* Fixes an issue with advanced order options which contained the '&' character that would cause the Product Search feed to fail to be accepted by Google.

* Sets the default UPS Rate Type based off the Pickup Type selected (some Rate Types are only available for certain Pickup Types).

* Fixes an issue with the HTML Editor in IE9 and newer not working for all text fields in the Add/Edit Pages menus by adding IE8 emulation for most functions in these menus.

* Fixes a Windows-specific issue where the Merchant Alerts menu would be incomplete and not list the Alerts in stores on Windows servers.

* Removes hard-coded text from the buySAFE sign-up screen about buySAFE being free for ShopSite merchants. 


* Changes Reviews to use a different HTML method of displaying the ratings stars that will work in more browsers.

* Fixes an issue that would cause reviews.cgi to crash if no storeid parameter provided to it.

* Fixes an issue where the [-- STORE.CompanyURL --] template tag wasn't outputting any value if the 'Static URL' option was selected for the Company Logo setting.

* Fixes an issue on the Mobile search results screen where the "View full html site" link would always go to page1.html, even if no such page existed in the store.

* Adds support for ShopSite Order Transfer 3.0 uploading QuickBooks subitems that are not product options.

* Fixes an issue with the em_AdvancedLayout.sst and em_BasicLayout.sst Mobile product templates where not all classes from the CSS in the template would end up in the source of the page.

* Changes the name of the USPS Parcel Post shipping option to Standard Post to reflect recent (January 2013) USPS changes.

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