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ShopSite Pro 11 through 11 sp2 r4 Customer Registration sign in issue

Product: ShopSite Pro
Version: 11 through 11 sp2 r4
Platform: ALL

An issue exists for ShopSite Pro v11x stores with Customer Registration enabled where, in certain circumstances, a shopper can login to a Customer Registration account using a valid email address but an invalid password.

A registration.cgi patch file has been issued for ShopSite 11 sp2 r4 (and the fix will be included in all future ShopSite versions). If you have ShopSite Pro 11 sp2 r4 and are using the Customer Registration feature, you can ask your ShopSite reseller/hosting provider to apply this patch for you. If you have an earlier version of ShopSite Pro 11, ask your host to first upgrade your store 11 sp2 r4 then apply the registration.cgi patch.

A temporary workaround for this issue is to go to Preferences -> Store Text -> Customer Registration and change your "Sign In" button setting from the "Text" option to the "Image" option (you may need to upload a 'Sign In' button image via the Images menu first, if you do not already have one) and click the "Save Changes" button at the bottom of this menu.

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17th of October, 2012

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