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v11 sp2 r4 maintenance release fixes some problems with v11 sp2 r3, improves some features

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Version: 11 sp2 r3
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I have the ShopSite 11 sp2 r3 release and I am experiencing some technical problems, are there any patches or new releases available?

Yes, maintenance release 11 sp2 r4 is now available for Linux, FreeBSD, Windows Server, and Solaris SPARC platforms.

This maintenance release addresses the issues listed below:


* fixes the PayPal Standard and PayPal Express Checkout IPN issues that began when PayPal made server changes September 11th/12th 2012 (described in knowledgebase article 2548).

* fixes error handling for the 'Gateway Emulator' payment gateway so that if the gateway returns data in an incorrect/unexpected format it will not produce an Internal Server Error, and the complete return string will be displayed in the Detailed Error Message.

* adds field highlighting to the Shopping Cart and Customer Registration screens (highlighting was already on the Checkout screen) so shoppers can more easily identify required fields that they did not fill out before submitting the forms.

* fixes an issue where a product-specific coupon for a 100% discount on those products may not be applied to the order even if the qualifications are met.

* fixes an issue where 'Use minimum order weight if total order weight is less' checkbox is checked in the UPS configuration menu, UPS rates wouldn't increase when the product weight/quantity increased in the cart.

* fixes an issue where merchants with UPS configured to use 'Account Rates' were not seeing the full rate discount in the rates because the UPS api now requires the merchant's state/province code in the Ship From address provided by the cart before it will provide their Account Rate pricing.

* adds SKU (if one is assigned to the ShopSite product) to the product data passed to Google Wallet.

* fixes a Windows Server-specific issue where clicking the Continue Shopping button in the cart would take the shopper back to the Customer Registration screen if that is where the came from before the cart, making it difficult for the registered shopper to get back to the store pages in this particular scenario.

* fixes an issue where a Free Shipping Coupon used in combination with shipping that includes Handling Charges can result in a higher, rather than lower, shipping rate for the shipping method selected to use for the Free Shipping Coupon.

* fixes an issue where the optional Tax Exempt flag set by the merchant for a registered customer was not being provided to the AvaTax tax service.

* fixes a reported (but unexploitable) XSS issue reported by McAfee/ScanAlert.

* fixes an issue with Checkout by Amazon if there are multiple products in the cart with both VAT and shipping applied that could cause the prices of individual products (but not the cart totals) to be slightly off.

* fixes an issue with Checkout by Amazon where a shopper could not complete checkout using Checkout by Amazon on a Windows-hosted store because the Windows-provided time zone format was incorrect.

* fixes an issue where the Google Wallet button may not appear on the shopping cart screen immediately after a shopper returns to the shopping cart screen from the Customer Registration screens.

* fixes an issue where stores using the en-EU locale with products using Variable Pricing would have the everything in the price after the decimal separator dropped when the product was added to the cart (i.e 11,32 would become 11,00).

* fixes an issue where shoppers using zip code 39819 (Georgia) in a FedEx-enabled store would receive an error message about an unknown zip code.


* removes the unused (since v8.3) 'Text for Help Link' setting from the Preferences -> Search Settings -> Search Layout menu.

* adds the ability for the merchant to use the same tags to customize the Reviews reminder email Subject as were already allowed in the email Body. Also adds a new [ORDER_NUMBER] tag that can be used for both.

* adds the number of pending, approved, and disapproved reviews to Reviews dashboard module.

* adds 'Total Reviews' number to the Store Statistics dashboard module.

* adds 'Checkout by Amazon' (if enabled) to the 'Payment types accepted' list in the Active Features dashboard module.

* adds the Edit Product Layout option "Display Order Quantity: Check here to display this product's quantity input box" to Starter stores so that a Quantity input box can be displayed with products on store pages in Starter stores.

* adds the option for merchants to include product weight and total order weight on the View Orders and View Packing Slip screens.

* adds the option for merchants to include the shipping method name on the View Packing Slip screen.

*  fixes an issue where the new AvaTax 'Test Connection' function always results in 'Ava Tax Error: The user or account could not be authenticated.' error when the Production Server was selected (the connection test worked properly when the Test Server was selected).

* fixes an issue with Reports where coupons that were used in orders but whose discount in the order was $0 would not be included in the coupon reporting.

* changes ordering of template pull-down selection menus so that merchants' own custom templates will be at the top of the list instead of the bottom.

* fixes an issue with the latest versions of Firefox in Reports where bar and line graphs would get screwed up if the merchant clicked the filter links in the key below the graph.

* fixes an issue where if AvaTax is enabled the Country selected by the shopper in the cart would only appear as the two-character ISO code for the country instead of the full country name when the completed order was viewed by the merchant in the backoffice.

* fixes an issue where in some cases the settings under Preferences -> Page Defaults and Product Defaults where not being applied when new pages/products were added via page/product uploads.

* adds an option in the Pinterest configuration menu for the merchant to indicate what product text should be sent to Pinterest with the More Info Page image when it is pinned by a shopper.

* adds options in the Doba configuration menu to select the use of the ShopSite image size settings for Doba-provided product images.

* adds options in the Doba configuration menu to select what ShopSite product field(s) the Doba-provided product descriptions should be placed in.

* changes all backoffice references of 'Google Product Search' to 'Google Shopping' to reflect Google's change to the name of this service.

* adds the ability to allow Advanced Order Option fields that don't need updating to be omitted in the product upload.

* makes the Host, Port, and Path fields required fields in the Emulator payment gateway configuration menu.

* removes the (non-functional) 'Download Orders' button from the Orders menu of Starter stores.

* adds the ability in the XML product upload to upload only parts of the Advanced Ordering Option that need to be updated instead of having to upload the XML for the entire Advanced Ordering Option.


* fixes the Google Shopping feed to send the link URL of the page the subproduct's parent product is assigned to, if the subproduct is not itself assigned to a page.

* adds a Cancel button to the Add a Review screen.

* adds the option for merchants to receive an email notification whenever there is a new Product Review entered by a shopper.

* fixes an issue where any coupons included in the shopper's order were also included in the Product Reviews email reminders to shoppers.

* adds infinite scrolling of Reviews (steps of 20 reviews at a time will be automatically loaded) if there are more Reviews for a product than can be shown in the allotted space.

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