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HTML Editor toolbar incomplete, missing functionality

VERSION: 10 and newer

I have ShopSite 10 or newer and have enabled the HTML Editor feature but when I activate the HTML Editor by clicking the '[Editor]' link above a text area in the ShopSite backoffice the HTML Editor loads in the text area but with an incomplete toolbar with hardly any functions/buttons. Why is this, and what can be done to restore the complete functionality of the HTML Editor toolbar?

The HTML Editor is a JavaScript-based editor that loads in your web browser. The definition of which editor options to show in the HTML Editor toolbar are loaded from a separate JavaScript file, which can be edited, copied, etc. by the merchant in the Utilities -> HTML Editor menu by clicking the links to the right of the Toolbars selection pull-down. Because the toolbar is customizable by the merchant, the toolbar JavaScript file resides in the merchant's own directory, namely the media/toolbars/ subdirectory of the store's ShopSite Store URL. The filename of the default toolbar in this directory is Basic.js.

The most common reason for the toolbar to not load properly is that an incorrect 'Secure Store URL' setting has been specified in the Preferences -> Hosting Service menu. This setting should be the secure URL equivalent of the regular Store URL, and is used as the base URL to load the toolbar file when the backoffice menu  you are on is accessed securely via https://. If the URL in this 'Secure Store URL' setting is incorrect, the URL used to load the Basic.js file will be incorrect and the toolbar will not load properly.

This issue is also more likely to be noticed in ShopSite 11 and newer, since in these newer versions all ShopSite backoffice screens will be accessed securely if SSL security is enabled in ShopSite (in v10 and previous versions, only certain backoffice menus such as the Orders and Commerce Setup -> Payment menus were accessed via secure URLs).

To resolve this, you will need to correct the URL in this 'Secure Store URL' setting in the Preferences -> Hosting Service menu.

If you have an SSL certificate for your own domain installed on your hosting account, then this setting would likely just be the same as your regular Store URL but with https:// at the beginning instead of http://. So for example, if your ShopSite's Store URL is http://yourdomain/store, then your Secure Store URL should likely just be

If you do NOT have an SSL certificate for your own domain and are using a shared SSL URL through your hosting provider's shared SSL domain, then you will likely need to talk to your host regarding the proper shared SSL URL to use for the Secure Store URL setting. Some hosts use different formats for their shared SSL URLs, for example if your regular ShopSite Store URL is, depending on your host your Secure Store URL (if they provide one for you) could be something like one of the following:
etc. You should verify what format your host uses with your host.

If your HTML Editor toolbar is not loading on a ShopSite backoffice page that is NOT being accessed at a https:// secure URL, then the problem is not likely related to the Secure Store URL, and instead may be related to an improperly installed ShopSite application or a permissions issue or missing files. Your ShopSite reseller will need to be consulted to help you address these issues.

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