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v11 sp1 r1 maintenance release fixes some problems with v11 sp1

Product: ALL
Version: 11 sp1
Platform: Linux, FreeBSD

I have the initial ShopSite 11 sp1 release on Linux or FreeBSD and I am experiencing some technical problems, are there any patches or new releases available?

Yes, maintenance release 11 sp1 r1 is now available for all platforms.

Note that 11 sp1 r1 is the initial 11 sp1 release on Windows Server and Solaris SPARC platforms, so these issues are already resolved in that initial release. Also, the initial FreeBSD version of 11 sp1 was released after the Linux 11 sp1 version, so some of these issues (marked as "(Linux only)") are also not issues in the initial FreeBSD version.

This maintenance release addresses the issues listed below:


* fixed an issue in the Mobile shopping cart where the checkout buttons would not display if Amazon Payments was enabled along with any other payment types.

* fixed an issue with the First Data Global Gateway integration where the AVS ZIP and AVS Address checking/rejection would not be performed on a response from the gateway if the response from the gateway did not also include a CVV2 check digit.


* added configuration options for ShopSite Manager in the Preferences -> Store Text -> Shopping Cart menu for the 'Variable -' and 'Variable SKU -' text added to the name or SKU for variable name/SKU products.

* fixed an IE9 problem with the new drag-and-drop sorting in Arrange Items and Arrange Subproducts.

* fixed an issue where shoppers using Amazon Payments to pay were not being asked to provide their zip/postal code before checking out when the zip/postal code is required for tax and/or shipping calculations.

* (Linux only) fixed an issue with the Google Product Search feeds where high-ASCII characters in the Google Product Category field would cause Google to reject the feed data.

* (Linux only) fixed an issue with the various button settings under the Preferences -> Store Text submenus where both the button image and text values could not be changed at the same time.

* (Linux only) speed improvements for the loading of preview images in the Themes menu.

* (Linux only) fixed an issue where you could not enable Amazon Payments unless you had previously configured (not necessarily enabled) Google Checkout.


* fixed the Mobile pages 'Company Mobile Logo' link to go to the 'Static URL' if one is specified, instead always going to the MyStore URL.

* fixed the Mobile browser detection and redirect to Mobile pages to also work on the products' More Info Pages (if the proper mobile tags are included in the More Info Page section of the product template)

* fixed the Mobile dynamic page generation to also create the mobile version of the products' More Info Pages, if enabled for the products.

* fixed the syntax of the JSON response returned to 3rd-party apps by authorize.cgi after a successful OAuth authorization.

* added some known tablet signatures (ipad, xoom, eeepc, etc) to the Mobile browser exception list so they will use the non-Mobile version of the site by default.

* fixed the Add to Cart links from a Facebook Store page to always show the shopping cart, to avoid a possible redirect error and to avoid confusing the shopper.

* fixed the Mobile redirect to use a method that redirects faster (doesn't have to wait for the entire page to render) and doesn't leave the non-Mobile page URL in the History (so the Mobile browser's Back function will not result in an endless redirect loop).

* fixed an issue where 3rd-party apps using the automated XML page/product uploads using the old Basic Auth authentication method would not receive the redirect URL from dbmake.cgi to dbupload.cgi in the response as in prior versions.

* (Linux only) fixed an upgrade issue where upgrade would fail upgrading to ShopSite 11 sp1 from a version of ShopSite older than 9.x.

* (Linux only) fixed an issue that could cause a slowdown with product search results when more than one word was used in the search term.


* fixed the CSS used by the default Mobile templates to use the Mobile Page Colors as specified in Preferences -> Mobile for text, background, links, etc on the Mobile pages.

* added the Facebook Connect button (if the feature is enabled) to the new registration screen in the default Mobile Customer Registration template.

* (Linux only) fixed the Classic-MoreInfoPage include to work with Variable Name/SKU products.

* (Linux only) fixed the CSS styles for the Google +1 button on the More Info Pages in certain new themes.

* (Linux only) fixed the Classy theme's product template to once again use that theme's look/feel/colors instead of the Awesome theme's.

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