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v11 r1 maintenance release fixes some problems with v11

Product: ALL
Version: 11
Platform: Linux

I have the initial ShopSite 11 release on Linux and am experiencing some technical problems, are there any patches or new releases available?

Yes, maintenance release 11 r1 is now available.

This maintenance release addresses the issues listed below:


* fixed an issue where the Customer Registration 'Group' that a registered shopper was assigned to was not being logged in their shopping cart information. This would cause any coupons assigned to the group to not be applied to the cart as they should when the shopper logs in.

* fixed an issue where the 'product out of stock' error for out of stock products being tracked with Pro's Inventory Tracking feature would display twice in the cart when the out of stock product is added.

* fixed an issue where the Facebook Connect button was not appearing on the secure Customer Registration login screens in some browsers and could cause a security warning in some others.

* fixed the Facebook Store add-to-cart buttons to always show the shopping cart when adding products from Facebook, even if the merchant has it set to not display by default from other pages, so the shopper will not be confused.

* fixed the Facebook Store function to display specified HTML page served up through tellfriend.cgi to avoid issues where Facebook was POST'ing data back to the HTML page, which is not allowed by some webservers.


* fixed dashboard links to orders to go to View Orders (instead of View Packing Slip) again for users with Admin or Order Processing roles.

* fixed an issue with Starter where changing the main Header or Footer in Preferences -> Layout Settings would change some other global layout settings that are used by themes in Starter but not available for editing in Starter.

* fixed an issue with the filename of the zip file of the main database exported via the Utilities -> Export feature would be just 'Main' and missing the .zip file extension when exported using the Firefox web browser.

* added (back) to Commerce Setup -> Payment the ability to specify text to appear between and around the Checkout buttons if multiple Checkout types are enabled.

* fixed an issue where if PayPal Express Checkout and Google Checkout were the only payment types enabled and the PayPal Express Checkout settings did not have the Express Checkout button enabled, the new visual checkout button arranger would not appear on the Commerce Setup -> Payments menu.

* fixed an issue that was causing the form-based multiple image upload to only upload the first image specified when using the IE 9 web browser.

* fixed an issue where generation of the Google Product Search data feed was using too much system memory in stores with MANY products.

* fixed some speed and memory usage issues encountered when switching to the new ShopSite Reports feature from the old in upgraded stores with a lot of order data.

* fixed an issue where deleting a Coupon with many thousands of products in it could take a couple of minutes to complete.

* fixed an issue where the new hide/show function for sections on the Pages and Products menu would not work in IE7, or in IE8/9 if Compatibility View were enabled.

* fixed an issue where the new Reports feature would report for the incorrect period in certain non-US time zones.

* fixed an issue where the new Reports menu may not load or may not load correctly in IE 7, or in IE8/9 if Compatibility View were enabled.


* fixed an issue where the Constant Contact newsletter sign-up form could be submitted without actually providing an email address.


* added page numbering to the HTML 'title' tag in ShopSite default templates for pages created using Pro's pagination feature so that the additional pages will all have unique 'title' tags.

* fixed the left alignment of address fields on the Checkout screen that was not occurring in some themes in the IE web browser.

* fixed an issue where text/HTML placed in the Commerce Setup -> Customer Registration -> Configure menu labeled "Text at top of Customer Registration screens" was not being displayed at the top of the Customer Registration screens in some themes.

* fixed an issue with a shopping cart footer tags being used in the Customer Registration template of the 3 Column theme.

* fixed mis-matched IF/END_IF error when Publishing a page using the FacebookCustomizable.sst page template.

* fixed the hard-coded $ currency symbol in the Facebook-Product.sst page template to use the template tag for the merchant-selected currency symbol instead.

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