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Beginning about 12 April 2011: shopping cart error message "UPS OnLine Tool unavailable"

Product: ShopSite Manager and Pro
Version: v8.0.2 through 10 sp2 r2
Platform: ALL

I have a ShopSite store set up to use the real-time shipping rates provided by UPS which was working but as of approximately 12 April 2011 shoppers get a message in the shopping cart similar to: "UPS Message: UPS OnLine Tool unavailable; try again later." What can I do?

This issue is occurring now for some ShopSite merchants because UPS recently made changes to their SSL certificate for the domain Not all ShopSite merchants using the UPS integration have been affected. The same error may also be encountered when attempting to register (or re-register) to use the UPS feature in the ShopSite backoffice.

Changing the domain name that ShopSite connects to for the rate quotes to resolves this issue. The default UPS domain has been changed to this new domain name in ShopSite 11 (currently available for Linux and FreeBSD server platforms), so one option to resolve this issue is to upgrade your ShopSite to version 11 or newer.

If you have ShopSite 8.3.1 through 10 sp2 r2 and cannot upgrade to version 11 at this time, the domain used by ShopSite for UPS rates can be changed by editing the shipdata.aa file in the store's ShopSite Data Directory and adding the following line (note that this value is not already in the shipdata.aa file by default, you are adding this as a new line):


Note that this solution only works for ShopSite 8.3.1 and newer. If your ShopSite application is older than v8.3.1 you will need to upgrade your ShopSite version first. Contact your ShopSite reseller (generally your hosting provider) to request an upgrade.

If you do not have access to edit the shipdata.aa file in your store's ShopSite Data Directory, contact your ShopSite reseller (generally your hosting provider) about making this change for you.

If you are not currently hosted with a ShopSite reseller, please fill out the following form to contact ShopSite for upgrade and support options:

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