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Blank page in ShopSite Setup Wizard or in Preferences > Themes (Internet Explorer 9)

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Version: 10 sp2 r2 and earlier
Platform: ALL

I am using the recently released Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) web browser and when I get toward the end of the ShopSite Setup Wizard I encounter a blank screen and cannot complete the Setup Wizard, or I am going to the Preferences -> Themes menu in my ShopSite backoffice and encounter a blank page. What is the problem, and what can I do?

The Theme selection page in the ShopSite Setup Wizard and on the Preferences -> Themes menu use HTML frames to display several different portions of the page.  Internet Explorer version 9 has issues rendering these menus in standard mode.  To see these screens in the IE9 browser, when you encounter the blank screen switch the browser to 'Compatibility View' mode. To do this, click on the Compatibility View icon (that is usually toward the right end of the Internet Explorer address bar). See the following Microsoft document to see how the Compatibility View button appears before and after it is enabled:

A fix for IE9 that will not require merchants using this browser to manually enable Compatibility View will be included in future versions of ShopSite.

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7th of April, 2011

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