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patches to resolve issues in ShopSite Pro 10 sp2 with users of Stone Edge Order Manager’s ShopSite Real Time Inventory service

Product: ShopSite Pro
Version: 10 sp2x
Platform: ALL

Users of Stone Edge Order Manager's ShopSite Realtime Inventory service, which is initiated by the shopping cart via the Custom  Inventory Tracking Add-on feature of ShopSite Pro, have noted that the service was not working with ShopSite 10 sp2.


We have created tracking.cgi and (common.dll on Windows Servers) patch files for ShopSite 10 sp2 r2 (the newest ShopSite version at the time) that will resolve this issue. If you are experiencing this problem and are using an earlier version of ShopSite 10 sp2, then you will first need to upgrade to ShopSite 10 sp2 r2 before applying these patches. This fix will also be included in all future versions of ShopSite.


Merchants experiencing this issue should contact their reseller/hosting provider regarding applying the patch files. The tracking.cgi and (common.dll for Windows Servers) patch files are located on the ShopSite reseller FTP site in the [your_server_os]/v10-sp2r2/patch/ directory. Both patch files should be FTP'd in Binary FTP mode. The tracking.cgi and files should replace the files of the same name in the ShopSite CGI Directory (usually named 'ss' or 'bo'). On Windows Servers, the common.dll should also be placed in the Shopping Cart CGI directory (usually named 'sc' or 'sb').

After applying these patches, the footer in the ShopSite main menu will show the version as 10 sp2 r2.4. We also recommend applying the other patch files in the [your_server_os]/v10-sp2r2/patch directory along with these patches, see the README-patch.txt file in that directory for a description of the other patch files and the issues they resolve.

Merchants that are no longer hosted with a ShopSite partner can contact ShopSite by using this form:

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27th of January, 2011

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