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Can't get USPS international or First Class Mail rates in cart as of January 2nd, 2011 (USPS service names changed)

Product: ShopSite Manager and Pro
Version: 9 and 10x
Platform: ALL

On January 2nd, 2011 USPS made changes to their rate request servers that adversely affected the USPS integration in ShopSite (and many other applications that integrate with the same USPS APIs). ShopSite merchants using USPS shipping have noted that shoppers selecting a non-US shipping country in the cart cannot Checkout with a USPS shipping option because of a USPS error (USPS Message: Could not parse the XML from USPS) displayed in the cart, and domestic shoppers will not see the First Class Mail option (if the total order weight is less than 14 ounces and should otherwise qualify for First Class Mail).


These issues are caused by changes USPS made to the service (shipping option) names returned by their rate request API. However, because the issue is still ongoing and it is not known if USPS will make a fix on their end, we have created order.cgi and (common.dll on Windows Servers) patch files for ShopSite 10 sp2 r2 (the newest ShopSite version at the time) that will resolve this issue. If you are experiencing this problem and are using ShopSite 9 or an earlier version of ShopSite 10, then you will first need to upgrade to ShopSite 10 sp2 r2 before applying these patches. This fix will also be included in all future versions of ShopSite.


Merchants experiencing this issue should contact their reseller/hosting provider regarding applying the patch files. The order.cgi and (common.dll for Windows Servers) patch files are located on the ShopSite reseller FTP site in the [your_server_os]/v10-sp2r2/patch/ directory. Both patch files should be FTP'd in Binary FTP mode. The order.cgi file should replace the file of the same name in the Shopping Cart CGI Directory (usually named 'sc' or 'sb') and the file should replace the file of the same name in the ShopSite CGI Directory (usually named 'ss' or 'bo'). On Windows Servers, the order.cgi also goes in the Shopping Cart CGI Directory, but the common.dll should be placed in BOTH cgi directories.

After applying these patches, the footer in the ShopSite main menu will show the version as 10 sp2 r2.4.

Merchants that are no longer hosted with a ShopSite partner can contact ShopSite by using this form:

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