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Can't complete an order in ShopSite 5.x as of January 1st, 2011 (thankyou.cgi Internal Server Error)

Product: ALL
Version: 5.x and earlier
Platform: ALL

We have had reports that ShopSite version 5 (originally released in 2000) is crashing in thankyou.cgi when a shopper attempts to finalize an order. The shopper may see an error such as one of the following:

Internal Server Error
Server 500 error
Premature end of script headers

This problem started with the new 2011 year and is not happening in any versions newer than ShopSite 5.x.  To resolve the problem we suggest merchants upgrade to a more recent ShopSite version.  The most current released version is ShopSite 10 sp2.  Merchants may upgrade to ShopSite 6.3.3 without incurring a software upgrade charge from ShopSite, Inc (however it is possible that your host may charge an upgrade service fee, check with your host).  Should you require assistance from ShopSite to perform the upgrade (e.g. if you are no longer hosted with a ShopSite reseller) there would also be an upgrade service fee.


Merchants should contact their ShopSite reseller/hosting provider to have them upgrade to a newer ShopSite release.  ShopSite hosting partners should use the v10 FTP account information to log into Once logged in cd to the appropriate platform directory, then cd to the version directory (e.g. v6.3.3 or v10-sp2r2) to obtain the release.

Partners who do not know the v10 ftp login name and password should contact their ShopSite account manager or fill out this form:

Merchants who are no longer hosted with a ShopSite reseller and need assistance with upgrades can order direct assistance from ShopSite support via the following page:

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