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group of patches fixes some problems with v10 sp2 r2 and earlier

Product: ALL
Version: v10 sp2 r2
Platform: Linux and FreeBSD

I have ShopSite 10 sp2 r2 and am experiencing some technical problems, are there any patches or new releases available?

Yes, a group of patches for ShopSite 10 sp2r2 is now available for Linux and FreeBSD (note that the latest 10 sp2 r2 build for Windows 2000/2003 Server operating systems already contains these fixes). If you have an earlier version of ShopSite, please upgrade to ShopSite 10 sp2 r2 before applying these patches.

These new patch files address the additional issues listed below:



* fixes an issue where UPS address validation was not working.

* fixes an issue where an order with a non-0 grand total may be completed with the payment type displayed as 'no information is required'


* fixes and Mcafee ScanAlert-reported XSS issue

* fixes an issue where FedEx rates calculated for an order on Saturday would have Saturday Pickup charges even if the Saturday Pickup option were not enabled in the FedEx settings. FedEx rates on Saturday orders will now be calculated as shipping on Monday unless the Saturday Pickup option is enabled.

* fixes an issue that could cause a FedEx error "Schema validation failed for request" if a product in the order was shipping by dimension and has large dimensions specified.

The patch files are located on the ShopSite partners FTP site in the [your_OS]/v10-sp2r2/patch/ directory, please contact your ShopSite reseller so that they can download and apply these patches for you.

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30th of November, 2010

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