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v10 sp2 r2 maintenance release fixes some problems with v10 sp2 and v10 sp2 r1

Product: ALL
Version: 10 sp2 and 10 sp2 r1
Platform: Linux, FreeBSD, Windows

I have ShopSite 10 sp2 or 10 sp2 r1 and am experiencing some technical problems, are there any patches or new releases available?

Yes, maintenance release 10 sp2 r2 is now available.

This maintenance release addresses the issues listed below (note that some items say 'Linux only' or 'Linux and FreeBSD only', this indicates that these issues were only present in ShopSite 10 sp2 on these platforms, items without these notes are applicable to all three platforms. If you are unsure what OS platform you are hosted on, please contact your hosting provider):


* (Linux only) fixes an issue for stores using FedEx and upgrading from a previous version of ShopSite where shoppers who had placed products with the default FedEx Shipping Container setting of '<select container>' may have emails sent to the merchant with a FedEx error message saying that 'YOURPACKAGING' is not a valid package type

* (Linux only) fixes an issue where coupons added to a cart with no products in it will not show up in the cart until products are added.

* (Linux and FreeBSD only) fixes issues with OrderAnywhere code for products using the new Advanced Ordering Options where options without the 'Use' column checked were still appearing in the OrderAnywhere code, the Price Modifier (if any) specified for the Advanced Ordering Options was being ignored when the product was added to the cart, and if no value is specified for an Advanced Ordering Option's Price Modifier then that option's inventory numbers (if specified) would not be decremented when the product was purchased.

* fixes an issue with IE8 and JavaScript code that caused the shipping address fields to not be re-enabled if the shopper unchecked the 'Check here if billing and shipping are the same' after having checked it.

* fixes an issue where if the 'product name as link to page ordered from' feature was turned on and the shopper ordered a Cross Sell product from the shopping cart screen, clicking this product's product name link once it was added to the cart could results in a 'You must specify a valid value for: storeid' error message.

* fixes an issue where if the "Show me my shopping cart every time I order something" checkbox is unchecked and a shopper adds a Cross Sell item to the cart from the shopping cart screen, they would be sent back to the last store page they were on before the cart instead of remain on the cart page


* (Linux only) fixes an issue where products with an unchecked 'Display Ordering Options' setting would have this field downloaded as an empty field in the tab-delimited download file, and when the empty field was re-uploaded the field would be set to checked (which is the new default for this field). Now products with this field unchecked will have the text 'unchecked' in this field in the tab-delimited download file so that it will retain this setting if this data is re-uploaded.

* (Linux and FreeBSD only) fixes an issue where if the first product in the product database was using Quantity Pricing, the Google Product Search feed would not generate.

* (Linux and FreeBSD only) relaxes email address format validation on the Commerce Setup -> Order System -> Email menu to allow for formats already entered/accepted in the Preferences -> Hosting Service menu.

* (Linux and FreeBSD only) fixes layout of auth file domain name mismatch warning so that it displays properly in the new backoffice layout.

* (Linux and FreeBSD only) fixes a problem in Manager stores where the button to go to the Tell A Friend configuration menu did not work.

* (Linux and FreeBSD only) fixes a syntax issue with form-based OrderAnywhere HTML code if it included Ordering Option pull-downs. Added closing </option> tag after each pull-down menu option.

* (Linux and FreeBSD only) fixes an issue that would cause PayPal Standard, PayPal Express Checkout, WorldPay, NetBanx, or Google Checkout orders to not display completely in the View Orders menu if the Optimal Payments real-time payment gateway were also enabled.

* fixes a problem with a hyphen by itself in an integer-type field causing product upload to crash instead of reporting an error


* (Linux only) fixes an issue where garbage characters could show up at the beginning of the product Description in the search results page if the 'Strip HTML tags from the product description' setting had been disabled in the Preferences -> Search Settings -> Search Layout menu.

* (Linux and FreeBSD only) fixes a problem with the new Google Analytics Asynchronous option where the 'UA-' was left off the front of the Google Analytics site ID in the Analytics code placed on the store pages, causing Google Analytics not to record the traffic when using this option.

* (Linux and FreeBSD only) fixes an issue where the form validation code used on More Info Pages if the product has Advanced Ordering Options displayed there would interfere with other forms on the page (such as product search forms).

* (Linux and FreeBSD only) enables a few additional countries for USPS service.

* (Linux and FreeBSD only) removes non-functioning COD service from FedEx shipping.


* (Linux only) fixes an issue where the custom text/HTML entered in the 'Text at the top of the Checkout screen' box in Commerce Setup -> Order System -> Checkout was not displaying at the top of the Checkout screen in the Curved theme.

* fixes and issue with the Checkout page template for most new 10 sp2 themes where the address fields would be centered in the IE browser instead of left-aligned as in other browsers and in other themes

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