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First Data Global Gateway (formerly LinkPoint or YourPay): Socket connection or timeout issues (port 1129)

Product: ALL
Version: 6.1 and greater
Platform: ALL

I have my ShopSite configured to use my account with the First Data Global Gateway (formerly LinkPoint or YourPay) processor to process credit card payments, but when credit card orders are attempted, a Detailed Error Message (if I have enable the Detailed Error Message option in the processor configuration) similar to the following is displayed:

Detailed error message:
Time: (nil)
Reference: (nil)
Approval: (nil)
Response Code: (nil)
Error: -99
OrderNum:: (nil)
AuthResponse: (nil)
Message: Socket Connection Failed, error 110: Connection timed out

What could be causing this error, and what can I do to resolve it?

Unlike most payment gateways that use the standard SSL port of 443 for communications, the First Data Global Gateway (formerly LinkPoint or YourPay) requires that port 1129 be used. So the most likely cause of this issue is that your host has blocked (or not allowed) outgoing connections on that port. You will need to contact your hosting provider to open up that port so that the ShopSite shopping cart can communicate with this particular payment gateway service.

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