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8.1.2 maintenance release fixes some problems with initial v8.1.0

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Version: v8.1.0
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I have the initial release of ShopSite v8.1.0 and am experiencing some technical problems, are there any patches or new releases available?
Solution ID: S5516

Yes, maintenance release v8.1.2 is now available. This new maintenance release addresses the issues listed below:


* fixes an issue where the text and/or HTML entered by the merchant in the 'Text at the bottom of the Shopping Cart screen' field in Commerce Setup -> Order System -> Shopping Cart was not showing up on the shopping cart screen.

* fixes an issue where a ShopSite order placed using Google Checkout could have products which the shopper was not charged for by Google.

* fixes a shopping cart issue that could prevent shoppers from getting past the initial shopping cart screen for merchants with the Commerce Setup -> Shipping option labeled 'Default Selected Shipping Option' set to the 'None' option.

* fixes an issue that could prevent shoppers from completing an order if all products in the cart had the 'No Shipping Charges' checkbox checked in their configuration.

* fixes an issue that could prevent FedEx shipping rates from being added to orders for registered shoppers whose previous addresses had been saved without a Country (i.e. they placed previous orders at a time when the merchant did not have the Country field required).

* fixes an issue that caused all UPS shipping rates to be returned at the Commercial delivery rates even if the merchant had selected Residential as the 'UPS Delivery Type' in their UPS shipping configuration.

* fixes an issue where Hawaiian zip codes starting with 967 would not work when using the new FedEx real-time shipping quotes feature.

* fixes an issue with the Free Shipping option not appearing in the shopping cart when there is no ShopSite manual shipping method configured.

* (not 8.1 specific) fixes an issue where if no configured UPS shipping options were available to the shopper's location but there were other manually configured shipping options available, the Country selected by the shopper would not carry over to the Checkout screen.


* fixes an issue where the Add To Pages field (In These Pages, in previous versions) was not available in the list of download fields, nor was it available in the list of upload fields to match with unless the column headers in the upload file were exactly In These Pages or Add To Pages.

* fixes an issue with Power Editing the 'Order' or 'Pages Sort Field' fields of more than 15 or so Pages at once that would cause the error message 'Error returned = Too many open files.'

* fixes an issue adding or editing pages for stores with HTML and quote characters in their Preferences -> Store Text -> Store Pages field labeled 'Store Name'.

* fixes an issue that would allow merchants using FedEx real-time rates to disable the Country and Zip Code fields, which are required fields for FedEx.

* fixes an issue with the Copy Page function that could prevent the copying of a page if the 'Include Page links and Assigned Products' option is not checked.

* fixes an issue where some Manager stores could not Select Subproducts for their products (would see a blank screen or a screen with just the ShopSite navbar when attempting to Select Subproducts).

* leading and trailing whitespace will now be stripped from the Merchant ID and Merchant Key values entered in the Google Checkout configuration menu to prevent server errors that could occur if a merchant accidentally included those invalid characters when entering the data.

* fixes an issue where Starter merchants only have 10 Tax By Zip zones available, now all zones are available so that a Starter merchant can take advantage of any pre-configured zip code range for any US state.

* fixes an issue where products assigned to a page from the product's Add/Edit Product Info menu would not be in the correct sorted position if that page had automatic sorting of products enabled.

* fixes an issue with the Pro global PowerEdit option not containing the value from the first selected page or product for the selected PowerEdit fields.

* fixes an issue when selecting pages to assign a product to, the list of already assigned pages was not being sorted alphabetically.

* fixes an issue where deleting large numbers of orders at once caused orderhandler.cgi to fail.

* (not 8.1 specific) fixes an issue where the action of removing a computer from the Trusted Computers list in Orders -> Security -> Intruder Detection was not being logged in the Orders action log.

* (not v8.1 specific) fixes an issue where orders sorted by order number were sorted alphanumerically instead of purely numerically, which could cause higher order numbers to appear before lower order numbers in cases where merchants had order numbers with different numbers of digits (i.e. 12345 would appear before 2345). This affected mainly the List of Orders in the Orders menu and the Automatic XML Orders download.


* fixes an issue with the Awesome themes that could cause the background color of the Search field on the store pages to not appear white in I.E. browsers, which makes the text typed there difficult to read.

* the upgrade of v8.0 and earlier stores with large amounts of data in their shopsite_db file will now be much faster.

* adds a new parameter in the XML sent to Google Checkout to eliminate warnings that could appear in the merchant's Google Checkout account.


* adds Product Fields 1 - 5 as optional fields to pass to the Custom Shipping Add-on.

* the storeid (login name) of the store is now displayed at the top of the merchant's Orders menu (in the format 'Orders for "[storeid]"') to make it easier for merchants with multiple stores to know which they are looking at the Orders for.

* a backoffice Coupon search for one-time use coupons will now just return the one-time use coupons instead of all coupons and a '1' or '0' flag indicating whether or not they are one-time use.

* if a shopper enters Zip and Country on the shopping cart (because of certain shopping cart features configured by the merchant), the chosen information will be populated in the Zip and Country fields in the Billing Address block when the shopper first goes to the Checkout screen, previously this info was only pre-populated to the Shipping Address.

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