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Why do I get an error "(#-##) fieldname cannot be left blank" using Authorize.Net 3.0?

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When I try to buy something with a credit card with ShopSite set to use my Authorize.Net 3.0 account, I can't complete the order. Instead, I get an error screen similar to the following:

"Your order was not processed
There was a problem processing your credit card information.
Please verify that the following were entered correctly:

Zip Code
Card Number
Expiration Date

If you repeatedly see this message, complete your order by contacting the merchant directly.

Detailed error message:
(2-33) Invoice cannot be left blank"

Solution ID: S04937

This error may be the result of an Authorize.Net account setup that requires fields ShopSite is not configured to pass. To see if this solution applies, login to your Authorize.Net account:

From the main screen, select: Settings > Payment Form / Receipt Settings > Payment Form / Weblink Field Settings

This brings you to a screen that allows you to configure which fields your account requires. For "Invoice," the field in the example above, look for this option and see if it's selected as a required field. If yes, unchecking this field requirement should fix the problem.

Submit additional test orders with your credit card. The "Detailed error message:" should continue to indicate which fields can't be passed (may still need to be unchecked in your Authorize.Net settings).

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