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using I get the following error when I try to 'bill orders' - I,invalid data

Product: SC
Version: 5.x,4.x
Platform: All

Using as my CC processor, when I select an order and attempt the 'bill orders' feature I get the following error: I,invalid data.

Why is this happening and how can I fix it?
Solution ID: S04733

When this happens the order is not billed. After verifying all the information is correct in the payment configuration page for you should verify the following is true regarding your account:

Access the website
[Enter your login and password]

This will bring you to your online account settings for the backend ->
under settings Select: Automated Direct Connect (ADC) Settings
Make sure the following settings are used:
1. Delimited Response = Yes
2. Default field seperator = , (comma)
3. Default field encapsulator = none

In v6 this problem has been worked around by indicating in the string ShopSite sends to what delimiters should use in the response string, effectively
overriding the settings in the account in case someone has modified them.

Your solutions are to return the ADC delimeter settings to the default settings as mentioned above, or upgrade to ShopSite v6.x or greater.

Also see solution S05447.

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