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Error message "...xx tabs instead of the correct number of xx" when attempting to upload a pages or products database

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When uploading a database (pages or products) to ShopSite that was created offline in a database or spreadsheet (such as Microsoft Excel or Corel QuattroPro) I receive an error message like the following and am not able to complete the upload: "The record below has 21 tabs instead of the correct number of 22." What should I do to fix this?
Solution ID: S04190

Each record uploaded into ShopSite should have the same number of tabs in order to ensure that the field allignment of each record is correct and the proper information is uploaded into the proper field for each record.

If the last field/column (or multiple fields/columns) for the database upload are empty (ie: Checkout Button, Subproducts, Link Pages, Link Products, etc), the last tab (or tabs) may not be added to record in the tab-delimited text file by your spreadsheet/database program (i.e. Excel, Access, QuattroPro) when you save it preparatory to uploading it into ShopSite.

A workaround is to cut a column that is completely populated (value in every row) and paste it as the LAST column prior to exporting/saving it from your spreadsheet program. Another solution would be to create a bogus column at the end and fill it with bogus information in every row. This column could then be ignored when importing the resulting text file into ShopSite.

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13th of November, 2008

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