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Can certain web pages in a store be password protected?

Product: ShopSite SC
Version: 4.x
Platform: ALL

Can a merchant set up some pages to have general access and others to require a login through ShopSite?
Solution ID: S03861

It's possible to generate password protected pages through ShopSite by doing the following:
1. The subdirectories to be protected must be created first. ShopSite won't generate the directories.
2. Appropriate permissions and ownerships must be set on the subdirectories (including setting up the password protections).
3. The correct filepaths must be entered in the "File name" text box under Edit Page Content (example: test/specials.html).

This setup will NOT allow the use of two ShopSite features:

Search - All prices would show, allowing the buyer to order from the search results page (including products in a password protected page).

Custom Pages - The custom parser would not be able to traverse directories in the smarthtml directories.

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13th of November, 2008

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