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Removing the View Cart and/or Add to Cart buttons from store pages

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Can I remove the View Cart (a.k.a. 'Checkout') and/or Add to Cart (a.k.a. 'Order') buttons from my ShopSite-generated store pages?

Solution ID: S05449


For ShopSite Manager:

The Add to Cart or View Cart buttons can be removed in ShopSite Manager in Preferences -> Store Text -> Store Pages. Set the radio button for the setting to 'Text' and deleting the text in that field so that the field is blank, saving the change, and then re-Publish the entire site. This will remove the Add to Cart or View Cart button for each product.

In versions of ShopSite prior to v5, there will not be an Image field for the buttons, so simply remove the text from the text field for that particular button.

For ShopSite Pro:

Follow the above instructions for ShopSite Manager to change the defaults for new products. To change/remove the buttons for existing products, use the Products -> PowerEdit feature to modify the Add to Cart and/or View Cart buttons for asmany products at once as you would like, following the same settings as above as far as editing the fields.

See also: S02844

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