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'+' symbols in the (or ECX) username or password causes problems (Reason: This request cannot be accepted.)

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I have configured and am using the real-time credit card processor gateway with my ShopSite store, however no orders are allowed through, and if I enable the detailed error message by checking the "Display Error Details" checkbox in my settings, the detailed error message is similar to this:

Detailed error message:
Response Code: 3
Response Subcode: 1
Reason Code: 103
Reason: This request cannot be accepted.

What could be the problem?

Solution ID: S5472

This error message from indicates a problem authenticating with's servers because of a problem with either your Login ID or your password.

One possible reason could be that you are using a '+' symbol in your login name or password.

If it is in your password, then you can change your password by logging into your merchant terminal ( and changing your password there to something that does not contain a '+' symbol, then change the password setting in ShopSite's settings to match this new password (Commerce Setup -> Payment -> Configure Processor).

If the '+' symbol is in your Login ID, then you will need to contact to get a new Login ID without the '+' symbol. Change ShopSite's setting for Login ID once you have received the new one from

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