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Items can't be removed from the Shopping Cart by setting Quantity to '0' and Recalculating

Product: SC
Version: 5.0.0, 5.0.1

I can add a product (or products) to my shopping cart, but when I try to delete it by setting the Quantity of the item to '0' and Recalculate, it says it is removed at first but then when I recalculate again or return to the cart later, it is still there. Why is this happening?
Solution ID: S05436

This is due to a problem in order.cgi in the initial realeases of v5.0 and v5.0.1. It does not occur in all stores, but the stores it does occur in are most likely stores that moved from one server to another recently or have changed the build of ShopSite they are using (Linux static to Linux libc6.1, for example).

Upgrading to v5.0.1.6 or greater (or extracting the order.cgi from that version and applying it as a patch to the current v5.0 or v5.0.1 install) should resolve.

To upgrade, contact your ShopSite reseller and request it or, if you are the reseller and don't have download information to get the latest release of ShopSite, contact your ShopSite account rep to get the download info.

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13th of November, 2008

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