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Stock/Inventory Implementation in Shopsite

The following will describe the abilities to implement Inventory Tracking in ShopSite.

Solution ID: S03538

In ShopSite Pro 5.0 the Inventory Tracking feature was added. It allows you to set Quantity on Hand for each product, either manually or through upload. Each product can also have a Low Stock Threshold that, when reached, will cause ShopSite to email the merchant a warning that the suppy needs to be replenished and/or the Quantity on Hand number for the product needs to be incremented. There is also a setting for Out of Stock limit for each product. For example, if you also have a brick-and-mortar store you may not want to sell the lst item off of your store shelves through your internet store, so you might set the Limit at 1. Or you may want to allow for more sales than what you actually have in stock, in that case set the limit to a negative number like -3. When the Out of Stock limit is reached, shoppers will no longer be able to place that product in their ShopSite shopping carts.

All or any combination of these fields may be left blank in the product record to not take advantage of the feature. For example, if you want to receive notification of low stock but you never want to stop ordering of a product even if it's Quantity on Hand goes negative, then you would fill out the Quantity on Hand field and the Low Stock Threshold, but leave the Out of Stock Limit blank.

The global settings for the Inventory Tracking feature can be found in Preferences -> Inventory Tracking in the SHopSite backoffice.

The Inventory Tracking feature is not designed to integrate with your offline system or another online system except through uploading and downloading the Products database.

Solutions for integrating with other inventory control systems automatically can only be accomplished by creating your own custom cgi to be invoked by the OrderAPI.

In the initial 5.0 and 5.0.1 releases there was a bug where some shopping carts would not function (they would get a server 500 internal server error from thankyou.cgi when attempting to Finalize and order) if the Inventory Tracking feature were enabled. The solution describing this problem and the resolutions for it is S05416.

Related solutions: S05416

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