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Even though 'Use SSL security in ShopSite' is checked, Order Download doesn't seem to be coming through https

Product: SC
Version: 6.0 and greater
Platform: all

I have the 'Use SSL security in ShopSite' checkbox checked in the Preferences -> Hosting Service screen, but when I download orders it still shows my regular non-https URL. Why is this, and is my order download still secure?

Solution ID: S05454

Yes, your orders are still being downloaded via the SSL secure https url.

In ShopSite v6.x, the user interface (UI) portion, or the screens you see prior to the actual download, are in database.cgi (the Utilities -> Database area) instead of orderhandler.cgi (the Orders and View Orders area) so that the UI can share a common place/features with the other downloads (e.g. Pages and Products downloads). However, the actual download file itself is still being downloaded from orderhandler.cgi at the secure URL.

There are a several ways you can verify this:

1) use a browser that will tell you the URL of the actual file you are downloading and you will see the https URL.

2) Go to Utilities -> Database -> Upload/Download, choose the Orders
database and click the Download button and on the next screen, which is the screen where the download is initiated from, View the HTML source of the page and you will see in the FORM tag that it is submitting to orderhandler.cgi at the secure https URL.

3) Close all open browser windows so that the browser is no longer authenticated with the SSL server, log into ShopSite at the regular http URL, do NOT log into the https URL. Go to the same place mentioned above and start a Orders database download. Since it is going to the https URL for the actual download you should be prompted to login again for the https server.

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