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What are the difference between Custom Pages and Custom Templates?

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What are the difference between the Custom Pages feature and the Custom Templates (pages and products) in ShopSite?
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Custom Pages (SmartHTML in ShopSite v3.x) is a ShopSite Pro feature only. Custom Templates, on the other hand, are in all ShopSite product levels. The help pages for Custom Templates are here:

The two features are somewhat similar in that they use special ShopSite tags, but Custom Templates are more flexible (in our opinion) in that you create one that can be used for multiple products or multiple pages. It is a little more work, since you have to create a complete template, whereas with Custom Pages you just drop a few tags into your own page (then place it in the [outputdir]/smarthtml directory) and ShopSite will parse your page for the tags and put in the ShopSite info and put the new page in the outputdir.

Custom Pages are limited in that they can only generate one ShopSite page per Custom Page, whereas with Custom Templates the work can be duplicated for many pages/products. Custom Pages are also not real ShopSite pages because they aren't kept in the ShopSite Pages database. Therefore in ShopSite Pro Custom Pages aren't indexed for the Search feature. But in the ShopSite Pages database are indexed and CAN be assigned Custom Templates.

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