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PayPal Express Checkout or PayPal Website Payments Pro: can't input new API Certificate

Product: ALL
Version: 12 sp2 r4 and older
Platform: ALL

I'm trying to add or update my PayPal API Certificate in my ShopSite's PayPal Express Checkout and/or PayPal Website Payments Pro configuration, but whenever I try to save the new certificate I receive the error 'Missing or incomplete Digital Certificate'. What can I do to add or update my API Certificate?

PayPal recently changed the text delimiters for the private key in the certificate they generate from:
causing ShopSite to no longer recognize it as a valid key. ShopSite 12 sp3 and newer will recognize both the old and new formats as valid. If you have ShopSite 12 sp2 r4 or older and are receiving this error message, options are to 1) add the 'RSA' text to the begin and end delimiters for the key, or 2) upgrade to ShopSite 12 sp3, or 3) switch to the API Signature method of authentication instead of the API Certificate method (note that you will first have to remove the API Certificate in your PayPal API Access settings in order to generate the API Signature, both methods can't be active at the same time in the same PayPal account).

Note that the new API Certificates generated by PayPal expire after 3 years, so switching to the API Signature method if you can may be the best solution.

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31st of October, 2016

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