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No USPS First Class Mail rates for products with 'First Class Package' container type as of January 22nd, 2012 (USPS changes)

Product: ShopSite Manager and Pro
Version: 9x, 10x, 11 through 11 sp1 r2.1
Platform: ALL

On January 22nd, 2012 USPS made changes to their rate request servers that adversely affected the USPS integration in ShopSite (and many other applications that integrate with the same USPS APIs) for some products. ShopSite merchants using USPS real-time shipping have noted that US shoppers do not see the First Class Mail option for qualifying products (less than 14 oz) with an assigned USPS Shipping Container setting of 'First Class Package'.


This issue is caused by changes USPS made to the service (shipping option) name of the First Class Package container type returned by their rate request API. Note that products assigned the First Class Letter and First Class Flat container types are not affected, and should still get First Class Mail rates in the cart (as long as they otherwise qualify).

ShopSite has issued an order.cgi patch for the current version of ShopSite 11 (11 sp1 r2) hosted on Linux, FreeBSD, or Windows Server operating systems that will address this USPS issue, and the same change will be included in all future versions of ShopSite. A patch has also been issued for the latest version of ShopSite 10 (10 sp2 r2) on Linux.

If your ShopSite 11 version is less than v11 sp1 r2 or your ShopSite 10 version is less than v10 sp2 r2, we would suggest contacting your ShopSite reseller to request the upgrade to those versions in preparation for the application of the patch.

Merchants should contact their ShopSite reseller/hosting provider to request that they apply this new order.cgi patch to their shopping cart CGI directory. Merchants that are no longer hosted with a ShopSite partner can contact ShopSite by using this form:

If you are unable to have the patch applied to your store at this time, and if your products can ship in a First Class Letter or First Class Flat container, we would suggest switching your products to have those USPS Shipping Container settings (in the Edit Product Info menu for each product).

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