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v10 sp1 r1 maintenance release fixes some problems with initial v10 sp1 version

Product: ALL
Version: 10 sp1
Platform: Linux

I have ShopSite 10 sp1 and am experiencing some technical problems, are there any patches or new releases available?

Yes, maintenance release 10 sp1 r1 is now available.

This maintenance release addresses the issues listed below:


* fixes an issue where manually-configured ShopSite shipping methods will be 0.00 in Google Checkout if realtime shipping methods are also enabled

* fixes an issue where any configured Handling Charges were not being added to shipping prices provided to Google Checkout

* fixes an issue where Coupons and AvaTAX calculations would not work with Google Checkout if no shipping enabled in the store

* fixes an issue that could cause an internal server error in the shopping cart if Google Checkout had somehow been enabled without being configured

* fixes an issue where the option to set the Continue Shopping button in the shopping cart to take the shopper to a specific URL was not working

* fixes an issue where, if the merchant has their initial cart screen configured to be secure (non-standard setup) and are using a background image for the cart, the background image was not being accessed via a secure URL

* fixes an issue where a shopper may receive a 'Zip code has changed, please press Return to Cart' message on their first attempt to checkout if tax-by-zip is enabled, but no taxable products in the cart (so no Zip Code field on initial cart screen)

* fixes an issue with the Tax API where the applicable tax was shown in the Tax Amount but was not being included in the order total. NOTE: custom programs using the Tax API should be modified to return a parameter called "taxapi_status" instead of just "status" to indicate success or failure

* fixes an issue where the country values in the Order API data would switch to the two-character representation (e.g. 'US' instead of 'United States') if the Tax API was enabled

* fixes an issue where the new Extra Product Fields (11 through 25) may not have been passed through the Tax API

* adds sending of non-taxable products through the Tax API, adds a new parameter, pNtaxable, for each product to indicate taxable/non-taxable status

* fixes rounding error with Shipping by Weight shipping method when using smaller than normal weight amounts for products and the weight ranges

* removes confusing 'thank you' text from initial ARB ( Automated Recurring Billing) Credit Card Update screen, 'thank you' text will now only be displayed on screen after the shopper has successfully updated their credit card info

* fixes an issue where an Internal Server Error could result from clicking on an OrderAnywhere by SKU order button containing an invalid SKU


* fixes some text alignment issues on the View Orders and View Packing Slip screens for IE7

* adds configurable table shading setting for the View Orders and View Packing Slip screens

* fixes an IE8 issue with backoffice screens that list products where many products (thousands) of products are listed at once, the page could have rendered slowly and cause the browser to lock up

* fixes an issue that could cause address lines to have an extra blank line between them if copied and pasted from ShopSite's View Orders screen to some other application

* fixes an issue where the Download progress bar could indicate completion before the download is actually done

* fixes an issue where order data downloaded via the automatic XML Order Download interface could include credit card data if backoffice Use Security was enabled, not necessarily if the connection accessing the download was secure

* fixes an issue where the images for the new Extra More Info Image Fields settings could not be selected via PowerEdit

* fixes an issue where some colors in the Basic Editing mode edit screens for Pages and Products would use some of the old backoffice theme colors even if the new backoffice theme were selected

* fixes the '?' help link on the Extra Fields Configuration screen to go to the correct help page

* fixes an issue where if a shopper comes through an Associate link and places an order using double quotes in the name field, subsequent access to the Orders menu by the merchant will fail with a 'Query failed' error message

* fixes an issue with the 'New Template' function in Merchandising -> Custom Templates -> Shopping Cart where the new empty template created by this function would have an incorrectly-named DEFINE SHOPPING_CART section (should be DEFINE SHOPPINGCART)

* fixes an issue where trying to change product assignments to a Reward category fails if the category already has thousands of products assigned to it (Firefox error message "Request-URI Too Large")

* fixes the layout of the Add a Category and Cancel buttons on the Rewards -> Category for IE so that they are aligned horizontally and don't have bullet points next to them

* fixes an issue with the automated Publish function (Publish initiated by parameters provided via a URL) that prevented the HTML page generation portion of the Publish from working

* fixes an issue where the Custom Shipping Add-on and Tax API configuration menus were not saving the selections to send the new Extra Product Fields (11 through 25)

* fixes an issue with the .xls (Microsoft Excel file) product upload where the upload would fail if a product containing a Sale Amount in percent configuration (e.g. 10%) were in the upload file

* fixes an issue with the .xls (Microsoft Excel file) product upload where, in some instances, fields containing only numbers (such as price, weight, SKU, etc) being set to '0' by the upload depending on the field type setting in the .xls file

* fixes an issue with the .xls (Microsoft Excel file) product upload where after initiating the upload the subsequent screen is incomplete (no buttons) so the upload cannot be completed

* fixes the Doba Download Watchlist page's help link to go to the correct screen-specific help page


* fixes an upgrade issue where merchants using the payment gateway may have the billing address' Phone Number field disabled after an upgrade

* fixes an upgrade issue where stores installed new at the v10 version and using the shopper-selected tax method could have their tax method set to None after the 10 sp1 upgrade

* fixes an upgrade issue where improperly formatted data in the products' Quantity Pricing field could cause the upgrade to stop or could cause the Quantity Pricing data for those products to be removed after the 10 sp1 upgrade

* fixes an upgrade issue for stores using the YourPay payment gateway that would cause the upgrade to 10 sp1 to fail

* fixes an issue for new stores or stores upgraded from 8.x and earlier versions that could cause an error message 'ShopSite's Doba ID is empty' when trying to access the Doba feature for the first time

* fixes slow product upload/download for large numbers of products stores when the upload or download file includes Quantity Pricing fields

* fixes slow shopper searches on stores that have many products with subproducts assigned

* fixes an issue where if the Wishpot Wishlist feature were enabled but no 'Add to Wish List' image were specified in the configuration, the 'Add To Wish List' button placed on the store pages would appear as a broken image in IE

* fixes an issue with the CALL custom template tag not being able to pass 'PRODUCT.' tag data to the custom CALL program from any of the Cross Sell defines in the product or shopping cart templates, and also not allow 'VAR.' tags to be passed through CALL in the shopping cart template


* removes extra TR tags from around Cross Sell items in the Crop Circles shopping cart

* adds product graphic to default Cross Sell (feature) layout for most themes

* fixes themes Clean, Congruence, Cross Sell, and Awesome to use the same custom template Include files that they used prior to the 10 sp1 version, so that customized merchant copies of those Include files will still be used post-upgrade

* fixes an issue with the Modern theme's shopping cart template that could cause the text '[- END_IF --]' to appear on the Confirmation screen (if enabled) or, in some cases, prevent an order from completing (if Confirmation screen enabled)

* minor adjustments to Global Cross Sell layout in Curved theme

* fixes an issue with the products' More Information Pages in the Curved theme not using the selected background image

* fixes an issue with the Tell A Friend template being too wide in the Texturize theme

* fixes an issue with the 'Ordering Instructions' and 'Comments / More Information' text labels not being consistently bolded on the Confirmation and Thank You screens in many of the themes

* fixes the Congruence product template so that if a product assigned this template is assigned to a Page that is not using the Congruence page template, the More Info Page layout for the product will use the Classic more info page layout

* fixes template code for More Info button for new themes that use this button

* fixes the colors used for the top navigation links on the More Info Pages of the Cross Sell theme

* removes "about:blank" as the default background image for some shopping cart templates so that shopping carts that use those templates and don't have a background assigned won't cause a browser security warning in the Google Chrome and Firefox 3.5 browsers on the secure cart screens

* fixes the onmouseover color in the 'Purple' version of the Crop Circles theme

* fixes the layout of the search's "Go" button in the Crop Circles theme for IE

* fixes the visitedlink color for the top navigation links in variations of the Clean theme so that they will be more visible in IE

* fixes the alignment of the "What format do you want your e-mail receipts in?" text label in the Customer Registration preferences screen for some themes where this text was not lined up with the text labels of other options

* fixes the background color for the Remove button for Coupons in the shopping cart of the Crop Circles theme

* fixes overlapping Mini Cart and navigation menu in the Wallpaper theme

* removes the text "Showing" that could show up out of context at the bottom of the search results page in the Clean theme

* fixes an issue that could cause 'Mis-matched IF - END_IF tags' errors with the classy_pa_styles.css file when publishing pages using the Classy theme

* fixes flyout menu colors for the Purple and Turquoise versions of the Leaf theme

* fixes the alignment of the shipping logo table in the shopping cart templates of several older themes so that they are once again centered (now via new CSS classes assigned to this table)

* adds use of the new Header Image, Image 1, and Image 2 images (if enabled in Preferences -> Layout Settings) in most themes

* fixes an issue with links between Pages using relative URLs in the Modern, Crop Circles, and Congruence Themes which could cause the links to not work if the pages are generated in subdirectories of the normal output directory

* fixes an issue with a large border appearing around Cross Sell (the feature) products in the Clean theme when viewed in IE

* fixes an issue where pages created with the Pagination feature enabled and using the Sleek theme would not have the Previous/Next navigation links included on the page

* fixes a Mini Cart alignment issue in the Swish theme

* fixes the Tell A Friend link colors for Purple variant of the Leaf theme

* fixes extra ] character used in the "Home" link on the More Info Pages of the Clean theme

* fixes an issue where a text link placed in the Text 3 field of a page using the Clean theme would not be visible because it was the same color as the shaded area it appears on

* fixes an IE issue with the 'visitedlink' color of the navigation menu links in some themes

* fixes an IE issue where the Gift Certificate purchase screen was not centered when using the gc_default template

* fixes the color of the Gift Certificate link in some color variants of the Tabbed theme

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