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shopping cart error message "UPS OnLine Tool unavailable"

Product: ShopSite Manager and Pro
Version: v6.0 through v8.0.1
Platform: ALL

I have a ShopSite store version 8.0.1 or older set up to use the real-time shipping rates provided by UPS which was working but now shoppers get a message in the shopping cart similar to: "UPS Message: UPS OnLine Tool unavailable; try again later." What can I do?
Solution ID: S5530

This issue is occurring now for some US merchants because UPS recently started making changes to the rate servers that are used by their US customers, similar to the changes they made for international customers a couple of years ago (the rate requests are now farmed out to various Akamai server farms based on the network segment that the requesting site is hosted on, instead of just a couple of servers owned/operated by UPS).

When this was initially rolled out for non-US rate requests a couple of years ago, it caused this UPS issue for some (not all) ShopSite merchants hosted on non-US servers (some of these new Akamai rate servers respond to the ShopSite rate requests differently than the original UPS servers, causing ShopSite to think that it did not get a response). This issue was resolved in the v8.0.2 maintenance release, the first ShopSite release after UPS first made this change for requests coming from non-US servers.

Upgrading to ShopSite v8.0.2 or newer will resolve this issue for both US and non-US hosted stores.

See also:
"* Fixed a UPS problem for ShopSite merchants hosted outside of the United States caused by a difference in the response formatting from UPS's new non-US datacenters."

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