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Froogle feed not working in ShopSite Pro v8.2.1 (for stores with many products)

Product: ShopSite Pro
Version: v8.2.1x
Platform: ALL

I have the ShopSite v8.2.1 or v8.2.1.1, and am having a problem submitting my products to Froogle / Google Base via the new Froogle feature in this version. Is there anything I can do?
Solution ID: S5521

If you have encountered an error such as:

gBase Response Code: 0
gBase Response Message:
Google Error Encountered

Or if the Froogle submission screen just seems to stop, you have likely encountered a timeout issue because Froogle is taking a long time to validate the information in the XML feed. Not only do they validate the XML for syntactical correctness, they also check much of the content to make sure it is valid, for example they check all of the page URLs and image URLs to make sure they really exist, download a copy of your product images to make thumbnails out of them, etc. With a lot of products/content in the feed this could take a while and cause the connection between ShopSite and Google Base to time out.

This has been resolved in ShopSite v8.3 by the addition of a new option to have ShopSite send the feed to Froogle via FTP rather than their Google Base API. If you are experiencing this issue, please contact your ShopSite reseller and request that they upgrade your ShopSite to v8.3 or newer so you can utilize this new option.

In the v8.2x version, there are a couple of workarounds cyou can try to get some of your products listed:

1) check your Froogle/Google Base account to see if your products are listed. They may have made it over there, even if the Froogle response timed out when you initially listed them.

2) Only submit a subset of your products to Froogle instead of all of them. Several merchants have reported this timeout issue when submitting more than 300 or 400 products to Froogle, but the amount could vary depending on the amount and kind of data your products have, and network conditions between your server and the Google Base server. You could try starting with just a couple hundred products (if successful, this would confirm a timeout issue when submitting all of your products) then work your way up with regards to the number of products submitted until you reach the point where you are experiencing the timeout again. This could tell you the max number of products you can submit to Froogle for your particular store (which may even vary for your store depending on current network conditions between your server and Google's).

Note: In each product Edit Product Info menu there is a 'Froogle' checkbox that you can disable to remove that product from the Froogle feed. If using PowerEdit on your products to set this setting for multiple products at once, select the 'Use Froogle' option in the Information column of the PowerEdit menu.

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