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Shopping Cart error message 'FedEx Message: Service was not found'

Product: ShopSite Manager and Pro
Version: v8.1x
Platform: ALL

I've enabled the real-time FedEx shipping quotes feature that was added in ShopSite v8.1, but whenever a shopper places items in the cart and enters their zip code the error message 'FedEx Message: Service was not found' is encountered and no FedEx shipping rates are displayed. Why is this, and can it be resolved so that I can use FedEx rates in my shopping cart?

Solution ID: S5520

If you have selected any of the 'Express Shipping' shipping methods in the the configuration for Federal Express shipping feature and also enabled the 'Saturday Delivery' option then this error message will be returned by FedEx's realtime rates service. The resolution to this issue for ShopSite v8.1x is to disable 'Saturday Delivery' if you really want to offer Express Shipping methods, or disable all Express Shipping methods if the 'Saturday Delivery' option is more important for you.

This issue will be resolved for ShopSite v8.2 and greater so that both Express Shipping methods and the Saturday Delivery option can be selected.

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13th of November, 2008

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