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Product database upload hangs/stops on linking phase

Product: ShopSite Manager and Pro
Version: v8.1x
Platform: ALL

I have a ShopSite Manager or Pro v8.1x store and when I attempt to upload a tab-delimited text product file to my ShopSite the first upload status bar (Updating data records...) completes, but the upload stops after this and the next status bar (Updating page and product links...) never completes. Why is this, and what can I do about it?
Solution ID: S5519

This can occur if you have ever tried to upload a tab-delimited text products file at some point that included both the Add To Pages and Product On Pages fields. Only one of these should be used. If both are used in the same upload, we have seen that this can cause problems with the linking tables, even on subsequent upload attempts that do not include both fields.

This has been resolved in ShopSite v8.2 and newer, if you are experiencing this v8.1 issue please upgrade.

The description of the function of these two different fields in the product upload is as follows:

The Add To Pages (previously known as In These Pages) field is additive-only, in other words the product will be added to pages listed in this field (if it is not already on them) but will not be removed from any pages that it may be on but that are not in this field.

The Product On Pages is new in v8.1 and it is absolute, in other words the product will be added to pages listed in this field (if it is not already on them) and removed from any pages in may be on that are not included in this field.

You should choose which one of these two fields best fits your needs and not use the other.

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13th of November, 2008

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